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Exploitation – the new movie begins production

“Exploitation” is a comedy about the world of exploitation movies, which includes horror, fetish, and comedy genres.  

Bill Zebub had made comedies about movie-making in the past, namely “Assmonster” which is currently a bonus movie on “Worst Horror Movie Ever Made” (that is the name of the movie, not its ranking)  (as well as “Antfarm Dickhole“) and “Indie Director” (which is also a bonus on the Scienceless Fiction Bluray).

Bill Zebub does not want to market this as a comedy about the making of a movie.  It is much more than that. Ironically, this was to be shot in 2018, but Mel Heflin and Erica Leigh Boseski impressed Bill Zebub so much when they participated in “A Devil’s Wind” that he wanted to immediately re-hire them for a new project that focused on their incredible skills, so their characters were written for those particular actresses.  All other roles are as per the original script.

There will be a crowdfunder for this movie, which of course is not necessary for the making of the movie, but the added funds will boost some of the scenes.  All of the contributions will be used for the movie – Bill Zebub doesn’t use this money to buy cars, donuts, televisions, et cetera.  The crowdfunders are designed to give contributors real rewards.  Even if you just pre-purchase a movie, your movie will have limited artwork, or it might be a completely different edit if there is enough raised.  The crowdfunder will also be a way for you to obtain props from previous movies.  

Keep visiting this site for more information. If you want to be on an Email list so that you can be notified about the crowdfunder, please contact bill (at) billzebub (dot) come