Clowna Nostra

Clowna Nostra

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SHOCK STOCK awarded “Best Screenplay” for CLOWNA NOSTRA (  The audience at that horror convention applauded the humor, and the judges honored Bill Zebub with an award. 

CLOWNA NOSTRA began as a slapstick movie that parodied mobsters, but when Bill Zebub compiled the various story notes, he realized that there was a great central conflict – old school versus new school, or traditionalism versus the millennials.

Sabrina Michaels
Sabrina Michaels

The main story is about a mob boss who tries to convince his son to join the mob.  His son is brainwashed by school (extreme leftist propaganda) and influenced by media ( web, movies, television) and is against almost everything that his father believes. 

The father, played by John Giancaspro, represents the extreme right wing points of view. 

By the way, both extremes are wrong as far as Bill Zebub is concerned.  The attitudes are exaggerated in this movie to show how absurd that kind of thinking is.  This movie ridicules brainwashing. 

As such, the story is not a parody of mob culture.  Rather, gang life is a background –  a canvas for a rich painting..

Expect to see the absurd, to laugh, to see your friends get sickened by the offensive content, and to absorb philosophy.

Clowna Nostra
Clowna Nostra – John Giancaspro


Mel Heflin
Mel Heflin




John Giancaspro – John

Sabrina Michaels – Venga

Jordana Leigh – Clown Victim #1

Lydia Lael – Clown Victim #2

Andrea Hall – Victim of Giovannia

Mel Heflin – Dancer Ravaged by Giovanni

Valerie Vos – Dancer #2

Maya Nase – Dancer #3

Chelsea Blindside – Dancer #4

Freddy Dingo – Russian Hitman


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