Comedy of Bill Xrbub


If comedy is a social mirror, then Bill Zebub’s comedy is a social circus-mirror.

Bill Zebub’s comedies may be considered offensive by some viewers, but they are made to entertain the people who love the humor rather than to offend people who shouldn’t be watching the movies.

The packaging, and even the titles themselves serve as a warning to people who would not resonate with the humor.  If a religious person watches “Jesus, the Total Douchebag” then he or she should not be surprised that religion is ridiculed.  Why even watch it?  But there are some people who feel the need to enter places just to disrupt the fun that the group is having.

The jokes in these movies are not sugar-coated.  The comedies are not meant for passive viewing.  The more that you use your brain, the more entertained you will be, that is, if you like this style of humor.

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Comedy of Bill Xrbub
Comedy of Bill Xrbub

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