Bill Zebub Books

Bill Zebub Books

Bill Zebub has a variety of books, ranging from fiction to memoirs.

FANZINE EDITOR, MOVIE MAKER, and RADIO HOST (click)is a memoir, but instead of glorifying himself, Bill Zebub presents his constant failures, accidents, and bizarre coincidences, so this book reads more like a comic novel than the boasts of one who recalls exalted deeds.

MOVIE MAKER AND MADMAN is the latest memoir that deals mostly with the movies. This is the perfect companion to FANZINE EDITOR, MOVIE MAKER, and RADIO HOST, or it can be enjoyed by itself. Look for it on amazon in the full-color version to enjoy the splendid photographs, or enjoy the grayscale version if you want something more affordable. This book is HUGE!!!

A WAIL OF PITY is a Medieval Fantasy story that is more about emotion rather than world-building, as the cool kids call it. Unlike other stories of the genre, this one is not about a central conflict, but rather the pursuit of answers to tormenting questions. It breaks from the literary category, but the intention is not to be better – it is to offer something original.

WORDS OF SORROW (click) is a collection of poems., most of which are melancholy.

THE REAVING OF ISABELLE (click) is Bill Zebub’s adaptation of the original script for (Rape is a Circle) that was never shot. It is a harrowing suspense thriller, with graphic depictions of violence and constant tension.

THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS (click) This is a 200-page magazine-sized large book of the favorite interviews with bands.

ZOMBIECHRIST – the concise script (click HERE)

ANTFARM DICKHOLE – the original script (click HERE)

DICKSHARK – the original script (click HERE)

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