The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds

Bill Zebub started a photocopied, stapled-in-the-corner, 8 x 10, fanzine in 1993. It grew into a stapled-in-the-middle, magazine-sized (but still photocopied) fanzine, with 5,000 subscribers but the fourth issue. In 1996, on April Fool’s Day, Bill Zebub registered the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds as a magazine, and it was published on a web press. To make a long penis short, it evolved into a full color, all-glossy format, that was sold in bigger chains like Tower Records.

Fans have begged for anthologies, so Bill Zebub ran a crowdfunded as a test of the market. After all, fake fans clamor the loudest. “If you put out an anthology, I will pay $100 for it!!!” No one who made that boast participated in the crowdfunded. That is the reality of any entertainer. Sycophants pollute the fan base.

As mentioned, the crowdfunded was a success, and now there are two versions of the 200-page “best of” – one is in color, and one is in grayscale.

The color version can be purchased here (click)

The grayscale version can be purchased here (click)

Sex with Bill Zebub is free of charge, but space is limited.

The King of the B Movies

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