Kill the Scream Queen

Kill the Scream Queen was the first horror movie that Bill Zebub shot. It was a hybrid, combing horror with elements from the world of bondage. At the time, there wasn’t as much censorship and weak-minded reactions to sexual content as there is now, which might actually be worse than the ignorance of the1950s, but Bill Zebub did not cross the barriers with graphic nudity just yet. His boundary-pushing content was about the villain’s behavior.

Serial killers are sexual criminals, whether the victims are alive or dead. Americans, typically the religious imbeciles of the southern regions, are immature and repressed. They regard anything with the barest hint of skin to be sinful and shameful. If they want to figuratively self-flagellate and despise themselves for having natural reactions, then that’s their problem, but these buffoons try to punish others for being mature.

There was no huge backlash for this movie during the first few years. The only irritation was from stupid christians and other immature people. In a way, they are anti-woman. They sexualize nudity even if it is not of prurient connotation. The irony is that these people never destroyed their copies, ha ha. Perhaps they needed to inspect the footage for jesus.

Years after the release, fans have begged for a new cut. Bill Zebub is considering releasing a brand new edit, upscaled to 4K, or at least HD, with tons of extras. Ravage the Scream Queen might also get a new cut and might appear on the same disc. There will be a Kickstarter for the project because this is a great way to see if the movie will do well in the rest of the world. If you want to be notified of this crowdfuner, Email

Currently, the only director-approved cut is available via ROUGH PICTURES.

Debbie Dutch


Deborah Dutch – the first victim

Heather Forte – the rape victim

Jillian Gold – the library girl

Kerri Taylor – the humiliation victim

Debbie Dee – the torture victim

Isabelle Stephen – the fear victim

Yelena Kagan – the molestation victim

Sica Bosma – the death victim

Rachel DeGenaro – extra

Rachel Plaster – extra

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