Movie Maker and Madman

Movie Maker and Madman

Fans have begged for another book that was like FANZINE EDITOR, RADIO HOST, and MOVIE MAKER. They loved the bad-luck stories and the honest exploration into the past, as well as the discovery of how things came to be.

Bill Zebub had many more stories than what was in his first memoir. He decided to write another memoir that specifically featured his movies.

This book contains photographs from almost all of Bill Zebub’s movies, presented in rich color, uncensored, but also in grayscale if you value the text more than the images (and if you are a woman, you might not need to see certain pictures in full color).

If you are a film-maker, you might love this book even if you never saw any of Bill Zebub’s movies. There are many problems that are described, so you can take heart that no matter how debilitating the obstacles are, there might be a way out of the mess. You might also look at it as a cautionary tale. Sidestep the landmines that Bill Zebub did not…

If you are a die-hard fan of Bill Zebub’s movies, then this tome is essential in your collection. It is a massive book that might take you a long time to read, but every page will be savored, even if you read about movies that are no longer available.

Bill Zebub believes that his work should be open to personal interpretation, but in this book, he reveals some of his intentions as well as the meanings to some things, which might contradict or negate what you thought. It’s ok. Just ask someone to hit you in the head until your brain trauma results in forgetting what you have read.

The color book is available here:

The King of the B Movies