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Scienceless Fiction

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Reaction from a non-White Person to the Racial Humor

The History

Bill Zebub wanted to make a spoof of science fiction from the ’50’s and ’60’s in which the spaceships would have strings, the costumes would be cheesy, and effects would be ridiculous.

Andrea Hall
Andrea Hall

Before setting off on this project, Bill Zebub wanted to know what makes a movie “Science Fiction.”  Star Trek had social messages.  Bill Zebub’s humor made him wonder, “If this is to be a spoof, can I make it with anti-social messages?”  At first this was dismissed as an anti-climactic joke, but this could actually be the basis of the story.- not to deliver antisocial messages, but to ridicule the misinformation that floods the Internet, music, and everyday conversation.  People hear and read garbage-information and spread it.

Nadine Stevens
Nadine Stevens

Indeed, many people don’t conduct source-monitoring.  Ask yourself, how often do you hear or read something and believe or spread it without investigating or even knowing the source?  Even if you hear a college professor say something, the statement may not be true.

Some people even say things like “Science tells us that….”  No.  A scientist, or a group of scientists may say something, but there will likely be scientists who do not agree.  Many finding have at least a 5% chance of being false.  A theory just means that, according to present testing, with all of the limitations of human ability and knowledge of this day, favor the outcome of experiments.

Lydia Lael
Lydia Lael

This page is now in danger of boring you, so let the intention of the movie be summarized by the simple statement: This movie ridicules misinformation and brainwashing.


The movie played at two horror conventions.  Despite the clear introduction, audiences cleared the room.  People were either outraged by the content or afraid to remain in the room 9and be judged by others).

This showed Bill Zebub that brainwashed people do not know that they are brainwashed.


The event organizer for Shock Stock in Canada gave the movie to the projectionist as a gift.  The projectionist considered this an insult.  This has a good ending.  When the movie was explained to the projectionist, he gave it a second chance, and it is now one of his favorite movies.  He regrets his prejudice.

Where to Buy

The movie is on Bluray and also contains Indie Director.

Here are some places to obtain the preciou sdisc (click)





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