Holocaust Canninal

Holocaust Cannibal

The trailer

This is the amazing cast talking about the movie

This is a clip of cast interview before Erin Brown was hired, as well as an alternate trailer.

This is how Bill Zebub introduced the movie at a horror convention


Nazis who realize that the war will end badly for them decide to flee to Argentina where they will wait until things cool down.  While flying, lightning hits the plane, causing it to crash on an island of savages.  The Nazis are now the ones who experience atrocities.

Erin Brown
Erin Brown

This was the first Bill Zebub movie in which Erin Brown (a.k.a. Misty Mundae) and Rachel Crow (a.k.a. Rachel Sexton) starred .  Bill Zebub had known Erin prior to this but he had met her socially.  (He does not ask friends to be naked in movies).

Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow

This was also the first for Vanna Blondelle.  She went on to star in Nightmare on Elmo’s Street and 50 Shades of Scarlett before moving to Florida.  She was asked to participate in Dickshark, but her departure date suddenly got moved up.   If she ever returns to the northeast she will be welcome to participate in more projects.


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Click https://vimeo.com/ondemand/holocaustcannibal2024

You may buy find this at many shops, especially privately owned stores like EIEDE’s in Pittsburgh, NEWBURY COMICS, stores throughout New England, or GRINDHOUSE in Florida.

Erin Brown
Erin Brown

There will soon be a list of Internet vendors for streaming an video-on-demand.  Some cable companies in Canada and America offer it as an on-demand option.

Vanna Blondelle
Vanna Blondelle

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You can get teh t-shirt of Lydia Lael as captive of the cannibals by clicking HERE

Ironic Banishment

Prior to release, FYE (a chain of stores) pre-ordered a large amount (large by indie standards).  According to what Bill Zebub heard, an executive saw a list of upcoming releases and noticed this title.  He was offended by the word “Holocaust” and ordered it to be removed.

The packaging of the movie clearly states that Nazis are the only target of humor.  This and other explanations fell on deaf ears.  This is the only nazispoitation movie (or spoof) that has clear messages, yet it is banned from this chain of stores.  That is ironic, but to add further injury, the chain of stores DOES carry nazisploitation movies that have no redeeming messages, and they have titles that bear the word “holocaust.”

There have been previous cases of a misinformed and judgmental executive or manager refusing to see the real movie and overstepping job-boundaries to wage ignorant pseudo-morality wars upon Bill Zebub, but that is the price that an artist has to pay.   It is unrealistic to expect the majority of people to lay down their prejudice and slanted expectations.

On a positive note, this was the first Bil Zebub movie to be shown on cable TV.  Sixteen cable companies in America and Canada made this available to eager viewers.

The reality

This movie is a fun romp.  it is not a shock-flick, nor is it disturbingly gory.  It was made with “wit” being the focus.  There is also the sexploitation element.  Ignorant people may refer to this as porn, but it’s  pointless to argue with them because even if they were to understand, they would still be stupid people, and as such, are not welcome to watch these movies.

The SS hat was made in China.  In a certain scene you will see Dumdum’s hat alter – the silver bird and skull fust to become a musical note (musical notation).  It’s up to you to decipher the meaning.  (This just shows you that there are many things going on in all Bill Zebub movies that are placed for you to find, if you have the awareness).

The SS jacket is actually an American army jacket.  You can see that the cuffs have a yellow outline instead of a white one.

When Bill zebub shopped at army surplus stores he could have purchased real Nazi garb, and he could have learned how to properly place medals, insignia, et cetera, but again, the focus of the movie is on the wit.  The only person who could tell that the uniforms are off is a fan of Nazis, or a war buff, and neither of those interests will be satisfied by watching this move.

It is difficult for some viewers to appreciate absurdity.  Some such people have enjoyed Bill Zebub’s movies, but the most anally retentive mainstreamers like to loudly clamor against this.  Expect to see reviews of such obtuse people writing things like “the armband is on the wrong arm.”  They really have no ability to acknowledge that something like that is done purposely, and they certainly can’t understand why.

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