Trust Your Photographer

TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER is a story idea that was supposed to be shot as a narrative but instead it was made as a visceral movie in which you mostly see the vile acts that are made more disturbing by the music.


Bill Zebub still plans to make a “thriller” version of this story, perhaps in 2017.  But for now you get to see a film more in the style of “LESSONS IN LOVE” – which is more about the feeling that the scenes create rather than the usual film sensibilities.  As such, you should be cautious about obtaining this because it is not the usual way that Bill Zebub depicts this kind of subject matter.


A photographer is overheard setting up a photo shoot with a fetish model.  He is followed and eventually held prisoner in his home.  His captor decides to text the models with the photographer’s phone in order to set up photo shoots.  The models are advised that the photographer’s helper is to take the pictures.  They allow themselves to be tied up, but photographs are not what interests the villain.


The script for the “thriller” version will eventually be filmed.  If there is a lesson in that script, it is about deception.  It is also about people who make their livelihood in a field that has people with poor social skills.  It can be dangerous.

TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER was made a particular way to focus on demented behavior.  It’s unnerving, When the narrative version of the story will be filmed, this behavior will only be an aspect – a tool to help tell the story.  But “Trust Your Photographer” is more a study of cruelty.  There are other aspects as well, but you, as the viewer, need to interpret as you will.  If you are told how to watch the movie then it is no longer art.

But you really should NOT watch this movie unless you suspend your usual expectations and dismiss your definition of what a movie is.  You should NOT watch this unless you are prepared to enter a sort of carnival ride into a house of horrors.

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