Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist

Bill Zebub’s first surreal/atmospheric movie gets a re-edit. Go here to nab one.

When you enter that Kickstarter page, you will see all the reasons for a new version, and if you have never heard of this movie before, you can find out more about it.

After this campaign will end, Bill Zebub will start “Jesus was an Asshole” which was partially shot but had to pause for a bit. If you want to be on the list to get notified about that one, email bill@admin

SANTA CLAUS: SERIAL RAPIST will end after existing units sell out, but there will be a Bluray version soon, under a different title. The current title makes some people think that it is a christmas spoof, which it is not. Also, Bill Zebub unearthed the MELPOMENE costume, so that will be one of the props up for grabs in the campaign.

Bill Zebub news May 2024

Bill Zebub is considering the idea of making a documentary about his magazine “The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds.” You can purchase the “Best of” by clicking

There are four other documentaries also being considered, two per Bluray. One such Bluray shall contain “Never Make a Movie in Texas” which is a hilarious testimony on how stupid and lazy the people of the south are and how much they tormented the director. The same disc shall also contain “The Worse Director in History” in which Bill Zebub is ridiculed, with plenty of video evidence of his stupidity. This should balance things, but whatever side you are on, you will laugh.

Fanzine Editor is a movie that was shot right before covid hit, and it might be finished in a version that is different from the script When it was shot, Bill Zebub was awarded many privileges, like filming in music venues, but these closed and then were sold to new owners who don’t feel the same way toward the legend. The movie will probably be re-titled to “Metal is not a Bad Word” and will shift focus away from publishing and instead tell the story of a has-been in his final days. You can read the memoir of the fanzine days by clicking

You can also purchase back issues of the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds as well as other rarities on Bill Zebub’s ebay page –

Bill Zebub will possibly re-edit JESUS, THE DAUGHER OF GOD for a special edition Bluray. There will be a kickstarter for it, so if you want to be notified, email

The next NEW movie on the slate is JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE, which should have a Kickstarter for it as well.


Marie Wetherell joined the cast of “Jesus was an Asshole” last weekend. She plays the SCHOLAR role.

There will be a Kickstarter for this project around July, so if you want to be alerted to this limited chance to obtain some rarities (and also to get the movie before the official street date) Email

Incidentally, the next Kickstarter will be for a new cut of HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL, which will be packed with extras (at least two hours).

Marie Wetherell

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street gets a new cut

Fans have asked for this and soon they will have a Bluray of the director’s cut, a totally new edit along with two hours of behind the scenes.

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street was the second movie to star Misty Mundae. She began her involvement in Bill Zebub movies when she had a role in Holocaust Cannibal (which is also slated for a director’s cut) and she also had a much bigger role in Dickshark.

There are other stars as well, including Vanna Blondelle, Lydia Lael, and Scarlett Storm.

Another thing that makes this Bluray special is that some of the original scenes will be re-filmed with new actors and actresses.

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street get a Director’s Cut

Hey! You have until the end of February to propose marriage to Bill Zebub. It’s Leap Year.

Also, you have until the end of February to participate in the Kickstarter for the Bluray of the Director’s Cut. Go here and smell my rear. Also, share the fuck out of this. Mention it constantly. Become as irritating as possible, except the balm that will sooth the aggravation is merely a glance at all the goodies in the campaign.

There is a special BD-R option as an additional purchase that has even more behind the scenes, as well as the very first version of the movie.

Also take a look at the shirts and the books that are available.

If you are the kind of person who urinates when you’re excited, be sure to wear a diaper before viewing the campaign.

JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE to be released in 2024

Despite the seemingly vulgar name being “Jesus was an Asshole.” the movie will be widely distributed in 2024.

Some christians are unable to imagine that other people might have tastes in entertainment that differ from their own, and rather than live and let live, they try to impose their superstitious and ant-intellectual standards on others. Indeed, they gathered together and intimidated merchants into removing some of Bill Zebub’s movies in the past, but after Oderus Urungus participated in JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG, no further efforts by zealots worked.

Religious bullies still cause torment, especially to creative people. This is what inspired the script for JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE.

Let it be clear that this movie is not meant to snap religious idiots out of their silly beliefs and superstitions. No. That’s like making a movie about the fictional character “Jesus” that is meant for you to abandon critical reasoning and simply accept a ridiculous story as true. No. Let the fools be foolish. You would not want them to change sides.

Rather; the movie is meant to entertain the fuck out of people who are receptive to this kind of humor.

Bill Zebub Productions is devoted to creating art that bigger studios never will.

There will be a Kickstarter for this movie in the coming months. If you would like to be notified of the launch, Email

Zombeichrist gets a Resurrection.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched to test whether a re-edit of ZOMBIECHRIST (click) was truly desired by fans.

Two versions are currently being assmebled, one for Blu(e)ray and one for streaming. As you may know, digital merchants impose censorship, so the only way to see the uncut version of any Bill Zebub movie is to obtain the one on physical media, or your mother.

Some of the cast members have died, and one is still recovering from a suicide attempt, so Bill Zebub was especially thankful to the fans who participated in the Kickstarter. It was nice to revisit the old footage and to see those people as they once were.

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