Nightmare on Elmo’s Street might have a partial re-filming.

NIGHTMARE ON ELMO’s STREET (click)was released as a DVD. Fans asked for an HD version. Eventually, Bill Zebub launched a crowdfunder for a double feature which contained Nightmare on Elmo’s Street and HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL(click). This double feature Blu(e)ray was titled ABSURD HORROR. That is now out of print.

Many fans have requested that each movie be released as its own title. At first, Bill Zebub was shocked that people would pay for two movies rather than to have two for the price of one, but Bill Zebub saw firsthand that fans wanted DICKSHARK (click) to be its own item so that the movie can be proudly dispkayed in the home. (These fans did not want to get it as an anthology with other movies on the same disc).

As Bill Zebub pondered launching a Kickstarter for a Bluray of Nightmare on Elmo’s Street, he welcomed the idea of re-editing the movie a third time, but he also realized that some scenes can be re-filmed completely. This would be an extra treat for the type of viewer who relishes different versions. Bill Zebub is this way with music. He has up to four different versions of certain studio-recorded songs by Mercyful Fate, including demos, and he has up to a dozen live versions of each song.

Of course, there are some fans who stick to one cut only, but they are a minority in the fan base. If they are happy with just one version, they are still important people because they supported the movie when it first came out, and in some cases, their first-edition movie is worth hundreds of dollars now.

Every time that a movie is re-introduced after being out of print, Bill Zebub’s rule is that it must be re-edited. And these days, the digital/streaming version always MUST be censored. For this reason, the only way to get the full cut is to obtain it on physical media.

If you would like to be on the list of people to be notified about the crowdfunder for this project, email


JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE news Alina Prozska is a new face in BILL ZEBUB movies.

Follow her instagram.

Alina also expressed interest in I SQUIRT ON YOUR GRAVE. She will become one of your favorite actresses.

In other news, Freddie Dingo, Steve Nebesni, and Andrea Hall are also slated for filming in JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE.

BREAKING HER WILL gets a re-edit

BREAKING HER WILL has been out of circulation for a while. Die-hard fans have begged for a re-release. It’s a cautionary tale. Do not lend your Bill Zebub movie. You might not get it back. Auction sites have sold this movie for over $200.


Bill Zebub wants to re-film this movie, which is one of the reasons why he never allowed the original version to be re-released.

The new Kickstarter campaign is a test. So far, fans have funded the DVD. The next goal is to make this a Blu(e)ray release. The ultimate goal is to fund a completely new movie. Fans get to decide the fate.

The DVD (or Blu(e)ray) will contain a re-edit. During this campaign, there is the option of obtaining a BD-R of the original cut. When Bill Zebub re-releases a movie, he re-edits it for two reasons. One, is that he wants fans who invested in the original movie to sell their units at collector prices (and people who purchased the movies from auction sites at large prices won’t have their investments deflated). The other reason is that most movies in the past had to meet strict deadlines. Editing had to take place within a short period. Some rash decisions had to be made. Also, Bill Zebub has more skills now, and he has different ideas.

There are plenty of other goodies in this Kickstarter, so make some coffee, tea, or urine, and have a thoughtful look. Carefully select the treats that will satisfy you the most. Also please spread the word about this. You might underestimate the effect that you have on other people.


Bill Zebub Returns to Radio

Bill Zebub returned to WFMU. You can hear his first show of the new season here – in that playlist there is a pop-up player.
You can consult the playlist when you are curious about the song.

The debut show was a bit more of a mix than is usual for Bill Zebub’s “Vortex of Chaos” and it shall evolve over time. When Bill Zebub’s show was in an overnight slot, he favored the ultra slow and melancholy doom, as did the listeners, but the new time slot is Thursdays from noon-3 pm (New York time zone). Adjust your time zone and your underwear appropriately.

To catch the stream live, simply go to Thursdays noon-3 pm NY time. You can participate in the chat. You can also comment on the playlist if you stream after-the-fact.
Indulge your curiosity and discover music you haven’t heard before. Of course, there will be some known artists, like King Diamond, but there will be much that almost never gets radio play. This radio station is not forced to play the hits. It is an exploration. Come in with an open mind. Also, each show may vary. It’s not like a box of chocolates because you always know what is in the box of chocolates. In fact, most boxes of chocolates provide diagrams that reveal what is inside each one. The only way this metaphor works is if you have a blindfold and have no idea what is going to be placed into your mouth. It might not even be chocolate, depending on the ethics of the experimenter. Now THAT is thinking outside of the box of chocolates.

Bill Zebub

Bill Zebub Limited Edition Movies

There is a flash sale for some limited-edition Bill Zebub movies. These were available during the 30-day Kickstarter campaigns and ranged in price for a mere $20 to $50.

You may wonder why a sale has these movies for $65. That is because the post-crowdfunder price is $100. Some are limited to 50 units and some are limited to 100 units.

You can obtain these for your personal collection or you can invest in them for future resale. These movies are uncensored, hand-numbered, and autographed by Bill Zebub. Will they really increase in value? Well, normal editions that were not autographed and obviously not limited or hand-numbered have sold for $700 after a few years of going out of circulation, and some of those titles replicated over 8,000 DVDs, so they were not exactly rare.

There are a few uncensored units of Santa Claus: Serial Rapist, Dicknado, and Absurd Horror, so the pics were not listed (they will sell out).

Obviously, this is for the ultra fan (or an investor). Email for ordering information.

Breaking Her Will might get a re-edit

Bill Zebub asked fans which movie they would most like to see as a re-edit. Breaking Her Will came out ahead in that poll. This will likely get a kickstarter in a month or so. If you want to be notified, Email

This is a sister movie to Rape is a Circle in a way. Both movies were emotional horror stories. In Breaking Her Will, Bill Zebub wanted to test if viewers would be sympathetic to a victim without knowing her back story. The director watched several horror movies in which the first hour was spent in mundane scenes, presumably to acquaint viewers with the characters so that there would be emotional reactions when the slaughter took place. Bill Zebub believes that humans are social creatures who would pity any suffering person or animal. No backstory is required.

The movie was a success. It was taken out of circulation because a remake was planned, but that project fell through. This was before the days of crowdfunding, so a remake might be considered again. Until then, a re-edit might become available if the kickstarter succeeds.

Another title that might be re-edited is Jesus, the Total Douchebag.

Don’t be alarmed by all the re-edits in consideration. Bill Zebub is working on eight new scripts. The reason for the re-edits is that tons of new fans keep asking about the older titles.

Zombiechrist might get a re-edit

Dedicated fans have funded a Kickstarter for the re-edit of RAPE IS A CIRCLE. Some other out-of-circulation movies might get a similar treatment, but only if fans prove that they want to see new cuts.

One such movie is Zombiechrist. When it came out, some merchants were terrified of offending their customers. This preceded JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG, which broke new ground and is still a hot seller. Actually, that movie is overdue for a new cut as well, but only if fans decide.

Zombiechrist had many challenges. The lead actor quit the night before filming because he did not want to kiss a female lead. He was gay. Why he didn’t say this during the audition is still a mystery, but that wasn’t the only problem. When retail outlets were unwilling to carry a blasphemous title, Bill Zebub decided to shelve the movie. Some years later, it appeared as a bonus movie without being advertised. It was a difficult movie to shoot, and any mention of it made Bill Zebub wince.

Over the years, fans have asked for a remake. They remembered reading interviews in which Bill Zebub expressed a desire to re-film the movie when the superstition of retailers would be overcome, perhaps if he had demonstrated that his fanbase was worth appeasing (instead of catering to easily-offended imbeciles).

The movie will not be remade, but there might be a re-edit. Ruby LaRocca had a role shortly before her tragic event. It is nice to see her swim and to run. Amid all the misery of filming that movie, there really were some scenes worth revisiting.

It’s not clear which older movie is up for re-editing again, but Zombiechrist is certainly in the list. The new cut would include never-before-scene footage, as will be the case with other re-edited titles.

You can vote. Email with your opinion,

Some titles on the list are:


Disgruntled Employee

Kill the Scream Queen

Ravage the Scream Queen

Forgive Me for Raping You

Jesus, the Total Douchebag

Antfarm Dickhole

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street (with replacement footage)

Holocaust Cannibal


Breaking Her Will

Ruby LaRocca

Rape is a Circle get a new cut

Fans have supported Bill Zebub’s idea to offer a director’s cut. Information about the video-on-demand and the physical disc will be announced soon (there is a day left in the crowdfunder, so the movie might end up on Bluray).

Here is the page for the movie More information will be added soon.

Rape is a Circle gets a re-edit

In 2006, Bill Zebub wrote an emotional horror drama titled “Rape is a Circle” which was his first movie to get into major retail chains. It became one of his best-selling movies.

A millionaire offered a huge budget for a remake, so Bill Zebub pulled the movie from production. However, the deal fell through.

Bill Zebub wanted to remake the movie. He came close when Misty Mundae and Lydia Lael were interested, but he raised money for other projects, and eventually, the script was put on hold until a bigger budget could be raised.

Fans have begged for the lost movie to become available again, which led to the Kickstarter that was launched today. If you want to support this project, please visit and share the hell out of it. The DVD is at a normal price, not the inflated cost that you sometimes see in crowdfunders.
Make some coffee or tea and spend a bit of time savoring the many details and perks.

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