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Dolla Morte, Metalheads, and Frankenstein

Bill Zebub is offering three movies on a BD-R, with each disc hand-numbered and signed. It’s $35 in the USA, and all others add $20 for shipping. Email to receive ordering instructions.

The movies are METALHEADS (from 2001), DOLLA MORTE, and FRANKENSTEIN THE RAPIST. These are early movies, so you should only get this disc if you are a big fan.

The reason why these older titles are being offered on a disc is that fans have begged Bill Zebub to re-release these, but it is highly unlikely that these will ever appear on any factory-replicated disc again, being that they are only of value to the devoted fans who want to devour every piece of cinema in Bill Zebub’s history. The reason why there is no packaging is that there are fans who own the movies, some in mint condition, who should be able to sell theirs for $200 or more. Yes, when Bill Zebub’s movies go out of print, they drastically increase in value. Some have sold for $700 or more. No, these will not be available on any streaming platform.

Also, be warned that FRANKENSTEIN THE RAPIST is not actually a movie. Bill Zebub filmed test-footage to see what works and what doesn’t. It turned out that there was over an hour of finished scenes, so they were pieced together and were made available in a limited run of 1,000, with an honest synopsis that made it clear that this was not meant to be released. It DOES contain nudity because Bill Zebub really did want to see what worked, and his ideas of a Frankenstein movie had nude scenes. Some of that footage later was used in other movies because Sativa Verte and Nikki Sebastion were too amazing to be relegated to lost footage. You get to see more of those shots here.

Also, the 2001 version of METALHEADS was a practice movie that Bill Zebub shot so that when he was going to pitch his first-ever script to producers, they could see a demo movie so they could see some of the visual ideas. Bill Zebub paid the actresses even though this was just to be used as a visual example because he took the project seriously. Spending no money is equivalent to saying that you don’t respect what you are doing, and you don’t respect actresses. Speaking of actresses, Suzi Lorraine and Darian Caine participated in this. Again, Email to order your copy.

Dickshark, Grammar Nazi, and Jesus was an Asshole

The collector’s edition of Dickshark has a street date in September. As of now, the contents include a new director’s cut that is two hours long, an extended version that is over six hours long, and two hours of behind-the-scenes. It’s a 2-disc set.

Also, the original DVD which featured a two-hour and twenty-minute early cut is out of print. The new DVD, which has the same cover image but a different back design features a slim 75-minute version. You can stream or download the 4K version of that on if you are sexy.

Grammar Nazi now has a page, so click on that green word.

Jesus was an Asshole now has a page, so click on that green word.

Bill Zebub and Misty Mundae

Black Metal and other Dark Music


You can enjoy a free version of Bill Zebub’s black metal documentary on Tubi

It is still long (at over 2.5 hours) but shorter than the 7-hour version on Bluray (BLACK METAL: THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY). Perhaps you can consider this as a try-before-you-buy, and when you DO purchase the Blu(e)ray, then you will get many more hours of new content.

Movie Maker and Madman

Movie Maker and Madman

Bill Zebub’s second memoir, MOVIE MAKER AND MADMAN, contains stories about almost all of his movies and provides photographs to help you enjoy the anecdotes.

You can get the full color version here and be sure to enjoy the uncensored photographs with discretion.

Bill Zebub 30-pack

Bill Zebub has assembled a few 30-packs. Get one before it’s gone at

You might wish to jump-start your collection, or you may wish to give gifts to special people in your life, or you may invest in autographed movies for future re-selling.

A handful of these impressive boxes is temporarily available. Invest now, or wait for the next Bill Zebub Kickstarter campaign.

The Dickshark Re-edits

The Kickstarter for the Dickshark re-edits was the most successful crowdfunder in the history of Bill Zebub. In fact, so much money was raised that Bill Zebub considered remaking the movie. However, the surplus funds are going toward new gear that will improve the new movies that will be made so that Kickstarters for those projects can go toward specific expenses per film.

There will be three new cuts. One will be for streaming which has to remove some of the graphic nudity (because American adults like to be treated like children, and also because they only see nudity as dirty, or they fear nudity because of religious superstition). Unfortunately, these weak-minded and socially-retarded people complain very loudly, which causes digital merchants to refuse certain content unless it’s from a major studio or from a director who is revered as an artist. But this censorship has been interpreted as a challenge for Bill Zebub to make a retard-friendly cut.

Lydia Lael

There will also be a streamlined cut that will remove much of the material that isn’t tied to the main story. Bill Zebub wrote the script outside of commercial rules. Instead of being plot-oriented, the dialogue was character-oriented. If a story is about Johnny trying to raise tomatoes, dialogue in commercial movies must relate to that struggle. Bill Zebub’s version of such a story would have a character talk about why a fruit is called an “orange” and how it was a lazy and uninspired nomenclature. The rant has nothing to do with the struggle of raising tomatoes or the gopher that takes big bites of the fruit, but the dialogue shows that the character is either neurotic or deep thinker, neither mindset affecting the cultivation of tomatoes. The waxing-poetic dialogue of the original Dickshark will be mostly removed so that the story becomes more of the focus, even though Bill Zebub wanted each character in the script to have a different view of life, and the movie was ultimately about life.

Lydia Lael riding the Dickshark

The prize for the ultrafan is the longest possible cut. It might be close to six hours.

If possible, the three cuts will have different performances, which is possible because there were multiple takes per shot, as with most of Bill Zebub’s movies.

DIckshark Swims Again

You might be excited about the 400_ page picture book, which will be 8.5 x 11 with each page bearing one huge fullcolor photo. Every household needs one of these.

DICKSHARK, THE ULTIMATE EDITION will contian at least 2 hours of behind-the-scenes footage, plus the longest possible cut, which might be 7 hours log (but at least 5)

Click here to nab your limited edition. If you are feeling extra cool, then copy and paste that on your various social media thingies. Be a hero or heroine.

Dickshark re-edits coming

Dickshark might be presented in two new cuts; one being at least 5 hours long (maybe even 7) and the other being the most streamlined version between 70-80 minutes, with a huge amount of behind the scenes footage. You can visit and click FOLLOW to be notified as soon as the Kickstarter launches.

Some Bill Zebub News

Bill Zebub was at a horror convention in Kentucky. He met a lot of people who had never heard of him but who were eager to take a chance on his movies. He also met long-time fans who had never seen him in person. DICKSHARK was the best-seller of the weekend, although the person who ran the convention asked that the shirt NOT be sold. Despite telling her that the movie is sold at, the organizer still made the stupid decision to remove the shirt. This is what happens when people act on “tribal knowledge” rather than reality. Parents did not freak out when their kids approached the table. Most of them said things like, “You will love this when you are ten years older” and similar things, which showed that horror fans make great parents. The other unpleasant factor was that the night life was in a venue that was open to the public. This always ruins the community feeling. It has never worked at any convention that comingles normies with indie movie fans. Despite those two negative things, the horror fans made the trip more than worth it.


Bill Zebub is hard at work developing several scripts. He is also going to laiunch a Kickstarter for the ultimate DICKSHARK Bluray in a week or two.

There were several anthologies planned, but fans have requested that certain movies be presented in their own Bluray. RAPE IS A CIRCLE and BREAKING HER WILL were going to be re-edited for a two-pack, but they will be separate titles, each with their own generous portion of behind-the-scenes. The METAL COMEDIES will be presented as one big anthology, with maybe five movies on one Bluray. Rather than cite all possible re-edits (for Bluray), suffice it to say that many are being considered. Kickstarter campaigns will decide what lives and what dies.

You can Email with your opinions. Do not be afraid to be honest.

As a last bit of news, Bill Zebub is angry about the level of religious oppression, specifically in Shitland (his word for Texas). This is why he is developing a script tentatively titled “Jesus was an Asshole.” The tagline might be “Just kidding. Jesus never existed.”