Bill Zebub adapted the original script for RAPE IS A CIRCLE into the book “The Reaving of Isabelle” which was actually supposed to star Erin Brown (also known as Misty Mundae), Lydia Lael, and possibly Rachel Crow.

A book allows for more psychological content, so prepare to be even more disturbed.

The story is graphically depicted, and it was written to be full of tension, so it is not as long as other novels. It works much better as a novella. If you are familiar with Bill Zebub, then you know that he is more than capable of writing epics (some of his movies have reached the 4-hour mark.)

Please be aware that this book is published under Bill Zebub’s pen name “L. Sarkozy” because people who are not familiar with his radio show, movies, magazine, or his seductively good looks might be prejudiced.

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The Reaving of Isabelle
The Reaving of Isabelle
The Reaving of Isabelle

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