Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist

How to watch this movie

A censored version will be available on Bill Zebub’s Vimeo page

You can order a BD-R (B burned blu(e)ray by emailing

This disc also contains bloopers and behind the scenes, which the streaming/download version does not. This was available through kickstarter for a small price, but it is now available for $40. Each disc has a professionally printed sleeve that is autographed and hand-numbered, and each disc is also autographed and hand-numbered. The disc has no art.

The Synopsis

This is the story of a schizophrenic who suffers a delusion of grandeur. He thinks that he is Jesus, and he sees reincarnations of the disciples who betrayed him. His revenge is to attack their women and then kill the men. The tagline is “First he nails you. Then he NAILS you!”

This is an atmospheric horror movie that is about mood, not narration. In fact, there is no dialogue.

The movie was taken out of circulation after five years, but fans have begged for a re-release, and the Kickstarter for it made Bill Zebub unearth the original footage and re-edit according to his current skills.

Currently, it will only be on BD-R (burned Bluray, like a DVD-R) that will also have behind the scenes. Each disc will be hand-numbered and autographed. The printing is pro-level, also autographed and hand-numbered.

You can email to arrange a purchase.


Debbie Dee

Kerri Taylor

Mallory Marshall

Niki Notarile

Yelena Sobolevska

Alexandra Voskoboynikov

Freddie Dingo

Bill Zebub

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