B Movie Champion

Fans have asked to see more bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage from Bill Zebub’s comedies.

SLEAZE OR ART is a collection of material from the erotic horror, which fans have also begged to see, so Bill Zebub ran a crowdfunded to see if fans truly wanted another collection of out-takes, and the answer was YES!

The DVD contains Part 2 as well, for over three hours of this precious material.

It is NOT presented as a documentary. If every little bit has an introduction or an explanation, that would be time taken away from the desired footage. A short message begins the collection, and viewers can take it or leave it.

Bill Zebub might work on a Blu(e)ray of material from the HD era, providing two collections on one disc – one for erotic horror, and one for comedy. These might have more of a documentary structure, but it depends on how fans react to B MOVIE CHAMPION as well as SLEAZE OR ART?

Expect to see footage that was never revealed before. This was compiled for the true fan, although any lover of B movies should have a great time watching this abundance of hilarity.


Part 8 is on vimeo – click here

Part 6 is on vimeo – click here

A censored version of part 7 is here for free – click here

The King of the B Movies