Jesus, the Daughter of god

Jesus, the Daughter of god

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A gogo dancer (Scarlett Storm) quantum leaps into the body of Jesus.  She thinks that it’s all a dream, so she delights in the mischief which bewilders her followers.  Iscariah (Lauren Steinmeyer) is particularly enraged by the events because they affect the revolt that she had been planning for years.

Tatiana Golykh
Tatiana Golykh

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The Blu(e)ray contains this movie, renamed “Quantum Leap”  and is available on “50 SHADES OF SCARLETT.“You can get it at (click the words and you will be quantum-leaped to the merchant)

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Lauren Steimeyer
Lauren SteinMeyer

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Tasty Tidbits

Yes, this is blasphemous comedy.  As such, Bill Zebub decided to make this a bit more on the low-budget side.  Although he is skilled enough to make great greenscreen effects, he decided to intentionally goof them up a bit because he never wants to do what Mel Gibson did with “The Passion.”  That movie was presented as history.  If you know about that period and that region then you’ll know that many of the events in the New Testament are fabrications.  For example, there never was a custom to release a prisoner during Passover.  So that movie armed people with even more prejudice and validated their cluelessness (to themselves),.  Bill Zebub did not want to do that.

Lauren Steinmeyer
Lauren Steinmeyer

Bill Zebub does not make movies to offend people.  He makes movies to delight people who like offensive content.   b

This movie might be interpreted as insulting religion, so Bill Zebub made sure that no sensible person could ever feel threatened.  The movie insults itself.  For example, while two people talk in a remote forest, and elderly woman in modern clothes takes a stroll through the path.  Footwear is often sneakers or modern shoes beneath ultra cheap costumes.  This also serves as a message.  The New Testament was written long after the time period of the (fictional) characters.  The writers were ignorant of some of the past, or maybe they knew that the new audience was ignorant of the past.  For example, Nazareth did not exist during the timeline of the Jesus character, yet he is sometimes called “Jesus of Nazareth.”  So wearing a sneaker, g-string, or bra is the equivalent,

Lauren Steinmeyer
Lauren Steinmeyer

The focus is the humor.  Bill Zebub is an independent director who uses his freedom.  He can choose subject matter that hollywood can’t.  The intention is to entertain a smaller crowd of people who understand and LOVE the content than to make a lot of money from a larger audience.

Andrea Hall
Andrea Hall


ANDREA HALL – Female Zealot

GENOVEVA ROSSI – Demon of Ugliness


TATIANA GOLYKH – Assassinoldier

WM BERGER – Roman Soldier



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