Black Metal: The Ultimate Documentary

Bill Zebub’s “BLACK METAL: THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY” is about 6 hours and on Blu(e)ray.

Black Metal: The Ultimate Documentary

This black metal documentary is meant to show as much of the real personalities as possible, but it is primarily meant to entertain.

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This is not meant as a “What is Black Metal?” type of documentary because the only people who are interested in black metal are fans of black metal. Seriously. As such, there is no rehashing of the same thing that has been printed in magazines for years (mostly lies). If you are the type of idiot who watches a documentary just so you can see things that you already know, then please kill yourself.

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This Bluray also contains CLOWNA NOSTRA, the theatrical cut.

Also contains your mother

This is an all-star cast. There were some people who were interviewed that do not appear in this documentary because they’re fags. Ok, that was the metal slang. What this means is that the people were too fake. Among these charlatans is a guy who claimed to know all the forefathers of black metal, yet when Bill Zebub asked them, most of them did not know who this person was, and those who did called him a “poser” or one of the new-comers. If you are dying to know who this person is, let’s just say that Nornagast from ENTHRONED calls this fag “Queenie” (again, this is metal slang, so stop fainting when you see that word) (Enthoned played with the band I won’t mention – and when Queenie saw that his requested amplifiers were not provided by the show, he threatened to cancel the show. That is when Nornagast made it clear that the choice was “play or be beaten violently” – Queenie played.)

Bill Zebub also denied interviews with people who waved flags, but when those bands got into trouble they were apologetic. You can’t have it both ways. Either you are one way, or you are not. You can’t try to look tough to your fans and then cry and apologize to mainstream media.

Even WATAIN is part of this. Rather than list the 60+ bands, suffice it to say that there is quite a diversity of black metal styles. There are also people outside of black metal who chime in.

When Bill Zebub interviews bands, it is not as a know-it-all, so when you watch you will feel like a friend rather than a person of lower rank. Yes, Bill Zebub shows respect to some of the artists, but generally the chats are like what would happen at a bar, and yes, Bill Zebub sometimes got too drunk. But that is metal – if you don’t like it, go sip some green tea and listen to an album on your knees while you adore an illusion.

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