Anastasia Conze

Rap Sucks

The free version of the re-edit


RAP SUCKS was a challenging dialogue-heavy movie that explored the way that people influence each other.

Some people devote their lives to causes or beliefs which can be dead ends.

The original edit of this movie is almost sold out and will go out of print when the last unit is sold.  This was an experimental movie.  Although there are golden moments, and the script, as it was written, is good, the overall execution failed.  Bill Zebub made casting mistakes, and a merciless deadline incurred sacrifices.

The re-edit, uncensored, appears as a bonus movie on DO UNTO OTHERS.   It will not be released as a single DVD because, even though it was re-edited, it’s still an experimental film that should be offered as a bonus, not as a stand-alone title.

Anastasia Conze
Anastasia Conze



Ida Barklund – Melissa

Erin Hiatt – Otherworldy Melissa

Lucy Spain – Lucy

Tamara Forward – Ruby

Grace Aguilar – Jen

Carolina Shumann – Agnes

Kimberly Dipersia – Jill

Jordana Leigh -Bill’s Mistress

Lydia Lael – Party Girl

Taylor Trash – Girlfriend #1

Angelina Leigh – Dancer

Charlotte Grant – Ruby

Anastasia Conze – Jeanine


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