Frankenshark” is the 90-minute version of “Dickshark” in HD quality.  (Dickshark is over 2 hours, and the uncut version is almost 3 hours).

It’s not just a cut – there are some pieces of never-before-seen footage sprinkled in.

Erin Brown in "Frankenshark"
Erin Brown in “Frankenshark”

When “Dickshark” was created, it was an experimental movie.  It flouted the three-act structure as well as the rules that viewers have learned while watching formulaic movies.

Much of what has been removed for the “Frankenshark” cut had to do with character, not plot.  In this era of catering to short attention spans, focus has shifted to plot points, even though plot is the least sophisticated part of a story.

Dickshark has an extremely complex plot, but the emphasis in the longer cuts was on character.  The neurotic waxing-poetic of the “Bill” character has been removed, as have other bits of dialogue that confused average viewers.  It is still a movie that will anger viewers with shallow comprehension, but it is far more accessible to viewers who have not delved into movies that stray from the rules.

Just as an aside, rules aren’t bad.  It’s just that, if a movie-maker is only risking his own money, why not play around with the rules?

Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow

“Frankenshark” isn’t double-dipping you if you are a fan.  You get to see some new footage, but you also get to see the effects of editing – how different feelings are evoked, how different impressions are made.


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The Blu(e)ray also contains “Cronos” which is a shorter cut of “Santa Claus: A Horror Story.”

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