Rachel Crow stars as the woman whose lover has been secretly using penis-enlargement cream.  It has an unusual side effect that ultimately leads to an abomination.  Erin Brown (also known as Misty Mundae) supports her boyfriend, Dick (played by Bill Zebub) who is a modern day Victor Frankenstein.  The search for the rampaging monster intensifies as more victims fall prey.


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A bit deeper

Bill Zebub had been toying with the idea of making this movie for years.   The story had been of the spoof variety so it had a low priority.  But that status changed.

“Frankenstein” is a novel that Bill Zebub had always wanted to adapt to film.  Peter Steele from Type O Negative was to play the monster.  That should give you a idea how long this story was burning in wait.

Bill Zebub finally decided that the only way that he can make this movie is to make it as an art house film.  As he was planning, he suddenly realized that he can make a few movies as a sort of practice for tragedy and for unusual visuals.  Thus began the writing of Dickshark.


Some characteristics

Dickshark is a hybrid of styles. just like the creature itself is a hybrid.  Comedy blends with tragedy.  Science Fiction blends with sexploitation.  Low brow mixes with high brow.  Philosophy resides in idiocy.  Complexity comes in the guise of simplicity. But absurdity reigns supreme.

One thing that this movie has in common with Frankenstein is that it is a story of the impossible.  It is a story of emotion.  Everything else is secondary.


Where to Buy


The shorter version (which is 2 hours) is available as “Frankenshark” for streaming and download.  A lost of those merchants will soon be available..  In the meantime, you can click on the links below for super easy sales of the DVD.





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