Santa Claus: A Horror Story



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This is the DVD cover for "Santa Claus: A Horror Story"
This is the DVD cover for “Santa Claus: A Horror Story”


A woman who is researching alien abductions for a book receives increasing reports of nocturnal attackers who are described as resembling Santa Claus.  She enlists the aid of a scholar of mythology to see if the legend of Santa has a darker side, and what she discovers is more horrifying than she could never have expected.


The Writing

This movie was originally going to spoof Christmas movies like “Silent Night, Deadly Night” but when Bill Zebub delved into the origins of the Santa myth, the information blended with knowledge that he already had.  Bill Zebub makes associations between things that most people would not.   This is creative, but some say that it borders on psychotic,

The ancient Greeks contributed far more than you think.  You may have seen News broadcasts around Halloween that claim that the holiday was originated by the Celts.  But the Greeks celebrated the Festival of Dionyses far earlier.  On October 31, jars were smashed to symbolize the the breaking of the barrier between Life and Death.  People wore masks to fool the dead.  Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode in which the dead rose at the end, seeking the living who had wronged them?  That is the premise of the masks.  Chances are. some of the dead are people whom you have wronged.  You do not want them to find you.

Perhaps the origins of Halloween were suppressed by the Church because “All Saints Day’ has too many embarrassing similarities.  In fact, much of christianity was directly lifted from the Greeks.  But that is a subject that is too broad for this article.

When Bill Zebub connected some ideas, he began creating the skeleton of what would be an incredibly complex story.  This movie could never be marketed as a Christmas horror spoof.  Although it contains comedy, it also has much darker elements.  It is also surreal at times.


What does it mean?

Bill Zebub took great care in preparing the story.  It is among his most complex movies.  But the interpretation must be left to the viewer.  Perhaps Bill Zebub will answer questions in the future, but for now, the story must travel its course in each viewer’s mind.


Alternate Versions

This version is a little over two hours and contains a cut version of “Zombiechrist” which was chosen because it also payed respect to the ancient Greeks.

There is a longer version, almost 30 minutes longer, titled “Santa Claus: Serial Rapist” which contains an hour of bloopers.


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