Nightmare on Elmo's Street

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street

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Erin Brown
Erin Brown


Nightmare on Elmo’s Street is the story of Erin (played by Erin Brown) who has a crush on he roommate, Lydia. Unfortunately, Lydia is dating a puppet, a vampire puppet.

Erin Brown and LydIa Lael
Erin Brown and LydIa Lael

In this world puppets co-exist with humans.    This has not always been peaceful because of the conservative people who believe that the two life forms should live separately.  Erin is one such person.

The characters in this movie don’t seem to understand that one can easily find evidence to support one’s beliefs.  That doesn’t make something true.  It just means that evidence against the beliefs was ignored.

Dangrrr Doll
Dangrrr Doll

Where to buy the Director’s Cut (as a double feature Blu(e)ray)

Amazon (click here)

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Streaming here, as THE PUPPETMASTER


Where to Buy (on DVD)

You can walk into any FYE, and if you do not see the movie there, you can ask the clerk to get one in stock immediately.

You can also buy immediately at (click these)

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Vanna Blondelle
Vanna Blondelle

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