Nightmare on Elmo's Street

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street

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Meet the cast of Nightmare on Elmo’s Street

Erin Brown
Erin Brown

New cut is streaming on Bill Zebub’s Vimeo account

The New Cut

Bill Zebub recently made a new cut after fans asked for a special edition Bluray.

This new version is almost two hours long, and it focuses on the ladies of the movie, specifically Erin Brown (also known as Misty Mundae), Lydia Lael, Vanna Blondelle, Dangrrr Doll, and Scarlett Storm.

Some of the other cast members were cut from the special edition because, as mentioned, the focus is on the main characters.

Also, almost all exposition has been removed.

If you want a more visual experience, then this is the cut for you.

The special edition contains over two hours of behind the scenes as well as a featurette of the cast members.

Bill Zebub made a BD-R of additional bloopers as well as the very first cut, which can be yours for $65. This is a burned disc, no packaging, but it is signed and hand-numbered.  Email if you want this. (Usually, these BD-Rs are offered for $30-$50 on the kickstarters, so stay tuned for future funders. These items grow in value. A worthy investment.


Nightmare on Elmo’s Street is the story of Erin (played by Erin Brown) who has a crush on he roommate, Lydia. Unfortunately, Lydia is dating a puppet, a vampire puppet.

In this world puppets co-exist with humans.    This has not always been peaceful because of the conservative people who believe that the two life forms should live separately.  Erin is one such person.

The characters in this movie don’t seem to understand that one can easily find evidence to support one’s beliefs.  That doesn’t make something true.  It just means that evidence against the beliefs was ignored.

Dangrrr Doll
Dangrrr Doll

Where to buy the Director’s Cut

The History

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street was originally released on DVD despite being shot in HD. At the time, it seemed that most people wanted Blurays with lush budgets, but for indie movies they preferred the cheaper DVD counterparts.

A different cut was made for Bluray a few years later, as part of a double feature with Holocaust Cannibal, and it was titled “Absurd Horror.”

Fans informed Bill Zebub that they wanted the movie to be its own disc. They wanted to proudly display something called Nightmare on Elmo’s Street in their collection. Same thing with Dickshark. This struck Bill Zebub as odd because he thought that fans would prefer the value of two movies on one disc.

Bill tested this with a Kickstarter for a Bluray titled “Nightmare on Elmo’s Street” and he discovered that fans were telling the truth. The Blu(e)ray contains the third edit of the movie, with some cast members being replaced.

The Blu(e)ray also contains over two hours of behind-the-scenes content.  You get to see how much fun the cast had making this movie.

This cut will soon be available for streaming, however, digital merchants require HEAVY censorship. If you want to see the director’s cut, you have to get it on physical media. You might discover that even mainstream movies might become censored or even completely unavailable on streaming platforms, so get a Blu(e)ray player as an investment. They are cheap now because of lazy people.

Streaming here, as THE PUPPETMASTER


Vanna Blondelle
Vanna Blondelle








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