Erotic Horror

“Erotic Horror” is horror that usually substitutes blood with nudity.  Murder is usually replaced with rape.  Why?  Serial killers are sexual predators, yet their sexual behavior is almost always sanitized from movies that depict serial killers.

The sex in these movies is shot in a manner that makes it disturbing to watch.  The viewer is supposed to cringe, not to become aroused.  The camera usually lingers on one shot to help make the viewing disturbing.  It is irresponsible to shoot scenes like this in the normal way.  The camera usually cuts to another shot, but if it lingers it produces a sense of unease.

Serial killers are not alpha males.  They are bottom-feeders.  Bill Zebub depicts them as such.

Fans of action movies or simplistic/commercial horror sometimes have difficulty understanding Bill Zebub’s style.  Such people are accustomed to movies that adhere to “beats” of action, and they expect creative kills.  But serial killers only stray from their customs if they want to thwart authorities.

Bill Zebub’s erotic horror movies are either entirely experimental or they adhere to a more narrative style.  The more experimental movies sometimes have no dialogue at all.  Such movies only show the deviant behavior, showing no parallel story of a detective or of the victims’ loved ones.  As such, these movies are the opposite of what Hollywood makes.  Those movies largely stay away from scenes that depict the serial killer’s deviant behavior, but some of Bill Zebub’s movies show only that.

There is usually no gore in these movies.  Why?  There are enough movies out there that show, and to some extent, glorify gore.  But they ignore the sexual aspect of the crimes.  Perhaps one day Bill Zebub will fuse more aspects into these stories, but currently there are not plans to do so.

Some of these movies are more easy to understand, but the villains are exaggerated, as in the case of “50 Shades of Scarlett” (Crippled by Desire) and “Do Unto Others.”  It could even be said that these contain dark humor.

One of the reasons why Bill Zebub explored this subject matter was because he noticed that it is subject matter that others fear.

Serial Killers are real monsters.  They are much scarier than creatures in movies because they exist in real life.

Things that might appease one serial killer may enrage another serial killer.  It’s hard to develop strategies against them.  One of the best precautions is “It’s better to be rude and alive than to be polite and dead.”  Another one is, if someone points a gun at you and tells you to get into a vehicle, don’t.  You might get shot as you flee, but you might live.  If you get into the car, you probably won’t.

The erotic horror movies should be avoided unless there is a willingness to be disturbed for an hour or more.

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