Night of the Pumpkin

Night of the Pumpkin

Night of the Pumpkin shirt

This movie has been re-edited and is NOW AVAILABLE as PUMPKIN MAN. (click that green stuff)


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Chelsea O'Toole
Chelsea O’Toole

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You can obtain an official shirt, full color design, and it also comes in a lady’s baby t.  Email for information.


The Re-edit

The re-edit is called Pumpkin Man and it contains performances never seen before, as well as bloopers and other bonus content.

Kelly Lyndsay, Chelsea O'Toole
Kelly Lyndsay, Chelsea O’Toole


Bill Zebub originally wrote the script as an anti-horror horror movie.  He also challenged some of the rules of the 3-act structure.  It was also one of the first movies in which Bill Zebub experimented with dialogue – but these things might make it seem like the movie is more than what it was – a creative exercise.

Angelina Leigh
Angelina Leigh

When Bill Zebub re-read the script, he realized that he needed money.  There were just some things that required crew members of a higher skill.  But that was not to be.

Kathy Rice
Kathy Rice

Did Bill Zebub quit?  Well, he quit looking for funding, but he did not quit the intention to make the movie.  He had to rewrite it so that it met the limitations of the budget.  Perhaps one day the original script will be revisited with a proper budget and assembly of professionals.  Until then, you can enjoy seeing this offering.

Angelina Leigh, Rob Desiana
Angelina Leigh, Rob Desiana

Bill Zebub might re-edit the movie and release it in a 2-pack with something else, or he may include it as a bonus movie with one of the new projects.  The current DVD will be out of print soon.  It has lived for a decade, which is noteworthy for a movie like this.

Angelina Leigh, Dave Wagner
Angelina Leigh, Dave Wagner

Kellyn Lyndsay – Elyse

Chelsea O’Toole – Elizabeth

Angelina Leigh – Barbara

Kathy Rice – Kathy


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