Rape is a Circle

Rape is a Circle is one of the best-selling movies in the history of Bill Zebub Productions. After seven years, it was licensed to a shady distributor, but after another five years, rights reverted back to Bill Zebub and he re-edited the movie as “Catherine’s Pain” because some merchants were imbeciles who feared the term “rape” even though the context of the story offers a mature reason for the usage.

Where to buy

You can currently pre-order from man merchants.

Amazon is one of them https://www.amazon.com/Rape-Circle-Various/dp/B0CHWJSYJM

Le Histoire

The movie was taken out of circulation when Bill Zebub began planning a total re-shoot of the movie in 4K. The first planning session ended in a pause due to securing some locations.

The second planning session was promising. Misty Mundae and Lydia Lael agreed to be in the movie, but funds were insufficient at the time. While solutions were considered, Bill Zebub worked on other movies. The project was doomed because everything that could go wrong went wrong, including the devastating losses in a perfect storm of bad luck, and Bill Zebub had to relocate to Texas, which he refers to as “Shitland.”

The original script will be remade one day, but not in Texas. Some of the previously secured locations in New Jersey are still available. It’s just a matter of raising the required budget.

You can read a book that is based on the original script. https://www.amazon.com/Reaving-Isabelle-Time-Salts-Wounds/dp/B0898WLYFG is the link.

Video on Demand for Catherine’s Pain

https://vimeo.com/ondemand/catherinespain CATHERINE’S PAIN is now available for streaming or download.


There is no easy way to describe the story. It begins with Catherine (Natalie Laspina) picking up two female hitchhikers. It doesn’t take long for the suffering to be depicted.

Natalie Laspina was perfectly cast for the character of Catherine. The entire movie depended on the acting of this person, so Bill Zebub was lucky that Natalie applied for the casting call.

Indeed, Natalie was able to change moods instantly. She could play a frightening and angry person one moment and suddenly transform into a vulnerable and sorrowful wretch. This movie showcases her astounding skill.

Nikki Notalile acted in JESUS CHRIST: SERIAL RAPIST prior to this movie. Bill Zebub was impressed by her resilience. Nikki had scenes at night in the cold autumn and had water poured over her naked flesh. She never made a peep of complaint. Bill Zebub hired her again for that reason, but he didn’t know that she was another perfect choice. In JESUS CHRIST: SERIAL RAPIST, she played a damsel with no dialogue. Bill Zebub had not seen her dramatic ability. He didn’t doubt that Nikki could play the character in RAPE IS A CIRCLE, but he was pleasantly surprised by her performance.

Yelena died of breast cancer. She had also acted in JESUS CHRIST: SERIAL RAPIST. Her final role with Bill Zebub was in DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE which later was re-edited as DO UNTO OTHERS.






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