Bill Zebub is currently working on a new re-edit of the movie, which will be a bonus on the VIXEN OF VIRTUE Blu(e)ray. There will be a censored version on his vimeo channel, and there will be a shorter version, without nudity, on free-streaming sites. These versions will have a director’s introduction, which explains to the buffoons of this era that every single character in the movie is a dirtbag because it is a parallel universe in which everyone is extremely selfish.

A free, censored and re-edited version, but not the amazing one that is to come.

The above clip is a censored and shorter version of the movie.  A re-edit (without the slapstick music) appears as a bonus movie on a future release.

The original edit still exists in small quantities.  This DVD also contains bloopers.  Get it before it disappears from stores.

You can see some behind-the-scenes here https://www.bitchute.com/video/mfkAHOG82nqZ/

Kerri Taylor
Kerri Taylor

The original story was about a world in which the assumption is that each person is bad, which contradicts the current popular belief that there is good inside everyone.  A goddess, played by Suzi Lorraine in the first version, and played by Elyse Cheri in the re-make, invited the viewer into that universe to see if people behave differently from the universe in which people are assumed to be good.

Peter  Steele appears in both versions, as himself.  We also see Keri Taylor and Jennifer Ligieri as lingerie-clad damsels.

Jennifer Ligieri
Jennifer Ligieri

When the movie first appeared, blasphemous humor was rare, as far as the mainstream was concerned. As more writers dared to tread this path, it seemed that the enlightenment was upon us – that superstitious people could no longer punish those mortals who could see past artificial barriers, but this was a false sign.  As you know, politically-correct (as it is called) brainwashing has increased, and still continues to do so.  People are rewarded for being publicly offended, while people who explore ideas are attacked.

While some of the humor provided a bit of shock, it was not used as a gimmick for sales – if you think about it, even when this movie began, there was a tendency to flag things, and this movie was no exception.  Perhaps there was an age in which the shock-factor could increase sales, but these days shock results in getting banned and economically destroyed.

Hopefully you enjoy this strange comedy.  As seemingly offensive as some of the jokes are, there is always an intellectual escape hatch – and this is present in all of Bill Zebub’s movies.  Smart people do not get offended.

Elyse Cheri
Elyse Cheri

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