Early Skits of Bill Zebub

Early Skits

Early Skits of Bill Zebub
Early Skits of Bill Zebub

Bill Zebub made many skits and clips of public stunts (Sort of like Jackass, but his footage pre-dated that show).

Some of the footage is available on this page for free, but if you want to own a limited-edition DVD that contains over 3 hours of this material, Email bill@billzebubproductions.com.  This is a real factory-made DVD, not a DVD-r and is not sold in stores because this is only for the die-hard fans.

Killer Kittycat

Slapstick at the Gym

Starring Jennifer Ligieri

Mafia Pizza

Starring Syn Deville

X-Ray Vision Potion

Starring Darian Caine

Nun of your Goddamn Business

Starring Suzi Lorraine


This skit came about when Bill Zebub wondered what would would happen if astrology were real, and if a guy read his girlfriend’s women’s’ magazine and accidentally read the horrorscope.

Jackolantern Pie

Crucifix Olympics

Tough on the Phone

Shopping Cart hits Cripple

Shopping Cart Slapstick

Chimney Cleaners

French Fry Tragedy

This had been attempted twice before but there was always a problem.

Graveyard Paint

Bullying a Cripple

Skull Weight

Personal Savior


Beach Slapstick

Oak Ridge Boys at Burger King

Ziplock Finger

Starring Buzz Heavy, Jill Wienbrock, and Sue Nolz

Bert & Ernie

Passionate Smoking

Shopping for Records

Love Potion

Killer Kittycat

Superman Riverdance

Video Store Kung Fu

WFMU Skit #2

Menstrual Dissonance

Star Trek Parody

Cretin Convention


The King of the B Movies