Breaking her Will

“Breaking her Will” is the story of a serial killer who is not depicted in the usual mainstream style.

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Physical media such as Blurays and DVDs are not just for people who love to watch a movie more than once. Physical media is also the ONLY WAY to watch movies that are UNCENSORED.

A Different Kind of Serial Killer Movie

Mainstream depictions of serial killers sometimes depict them as alpha males, or as villains from slasher movies.

Some movies concentrate on the gore, focusing more on the horror aspect.

Americans seem to be terrified of breasts, so most American serial killer movies have no nudity and absolutely no sexual scenes, but serial killers are sexual criminals. It’s like making a movie about flowers but never showing the plants. If people can’t handle seeing the behavior of a serial killer, maybe they should select a different topic.

In this story, the serial killer is depicted in a realistic way. He has weaknesses.

You are to judge the character on his behavior. You might be moved to pity, but when you see someone appear sad, the emotion might be far different from what you interpret.

You probably have been rejected romantically. It’s a part of life. Sexual sadists have extreme reactions to rejection. They harbor feelings of vengeance.

Horror movies often make you watch characters go through mundane life, sometimes for half the movie, so that when they get killed, you feel something.

This movie refutes that. Humans are social creatures. We do not need to know anything about a person in order to feel pity.

This limited edition is the Director’s Cut.

The editing reflects the way the director now pieces together the story.

Fans have begged for a re-release, so Bill Zebub asked them to raise the money for a limited run. This was a movie that was going to be completely re-filmed, but fans loved the original version so much that they funded the special re-edit.


You can read anything in a book, but if you dare to depict it on screen, your movie will get removed.

You can read about a serial killer in a true-crime book, or in a criminology text, but you risk getting your movie banned if you try to show any of that.

In Homer’s “Odyssey” the soldiers who were defeated had their dicks and balls cut off to emasculate them, but don’t you dare show that in a movie. At one time, people were considered educated if they had read this book, but for some reason, you can’t show parts of the book in a movie.

The movie is not porn, and it is not horror. It’s a story, and it was partially made to test some of the director’s ideas. Of course, some people should never watch this, but there is sufficient warning that this movie will upset people of a particular personality type.

This limited edition has already been removed by some merchants with shallow-comprehension, or vendors who cater to the masses who have an I.Q. of 100 or lower.

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