Dolla Morte, Metalheads, and Frankenstein the Rapist

Three movies that have been out of circulation for years are now available on a BD-R (a Blueray disc that is burned on a computer, like a DVD-R).

This BD-R has no packaging, but the disc is hand-numbered and autographed by Bill Zebub. Email -the price is currently $35 with free shipping in America.

These movies are only of interest to the most devoted fans. Indeed, some fans have paid hundreds of dollars on sites like ebay. There is no packaging on the disc because this is not meant to be re-sold. It’s only for people who actually want to see the old material.

METALHEADS is from the year 2000. It was a practice movie that was shot on a camcorder. Back then, Bill Zebub shot skits and public stunts (hidden camera, etc.). When a scream queen sold his VHS anthologies of skits at a horror convention, Bill Zebub amassed a huge following, and he was asked if he would ever make a full-length movie.

Bill Zebub did not know how to write a script so he purchased a book about screenwriting that was written by Syd Field. He wrote Metalheads as his practice-script.

Bill Zebub did not know anything about the movie industry. He thought that the way that a person makes a movie that is sold in stores is that he writes a script and then someone gives him money to make the movie. He shot Metalheads on a camcorder because it was to be a part of his pitch. He intended to mail the script and a VHS tape that contained his camcorder movie to whatever kind of person awards budgets (he had no idea what such people were, but he prepared for the day when he would discover who should receive such a package).

Bill Zebub paid the girls who were in the movie (Suzi Lorraine, Darian Caine, etc.) because he considered that to be tuition. He paid about $12 for the book, but he needed to pay for things for the practice movie because he didn’t want to do anything half-assed.

As the project proceeded, Bill Zebub and some of the cast, like Ox, decided that they would pitch in to get 1,000 DVDs replicated (real factory-pressed DVDs with real printing and shrink-wrap). These would be sold on consignment in local stores. That actually led to a distribution deal.
An interesting point is that Bill Zebub received worldwide distribution for his very first movie while people he knew who graduated film school were still serving coffee for free on movie sets.

Another interesting point is that, no matter how flawed the movie was, it still gained a huge following.

In 2005, Bill Zebub re-filmed this movie on a prosumer camera, the Panasonic DV100, which was the first affordable camera to shoot in 24 frames per second. But here is your chance to see the very first version of that movie.

Frankenstein the Rapist was not supposed to be released. Bill Zebub shot test footage to see if his ideas for a Frankenstein movie worked. He considered almost every bit of footage to be a failure, but he did film a lot of skin. Some of the nude scenes with Sativa Verte and Nikki whatever ended up in NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN (PUMPKIN MAN), but Bill Zebub did SPECIFICALLY film footage for the METALHEADS re-make and for ZOMBIECHRIST (shot on the same day with the same girls). If you saw the pumpkin movie, then you will see quite a bit more.

Bill Zebub learned what NOT to do when he finally will finally make an attempt to depict the Frankenstein story. Only 1,000 DVDs were made. They were only released because fans found out about the material and begged for a chance to see. It sold out almost immediately.

DOLLA MORTE was a movie that was made purely for fun. At that time, Bill Zebub had over 13,000 friends on myspace. He asked them to send him toys for a movie. They send so many toys that Bill Zebub could not park in his garage anymore. He also spent an additional $500 at Toys ‘R Us, although he was dismayed. He expected to be thrilled to be able to buy whatever he wanted, but the toy store had become extremely boring. When he was a child, he loved going to the store and fantasizing about what it would be like to play with the toys, but when he arrived as an adult, he knew that he would be bored there even as a child. What had happened to the toy industry? Were cool toys no longer available?

Bill Zebub took an inventory of every toy he had in the garage. If a toy inspired him, he wrote about it. (Most toys that were inspiring were those sent by fans). Eventually, the ideas were pieced together in bizarre associations, and a complex series of plotlines were developed.

When the movie came out, it bombed. Fans complained. Not a single person liked it. Well, whoever contacted Bill Zebub had nothing good to say about the move. This led to Bill Zebub asking the distributer to end all further distrubution.

Years later, Wild Eye wanted the movie, even after Bill Zebub strongly warned against it. An agreement was signed.

This had an unhappy ending. Wild Eye announced that this movie was “in the tradition of Robot Chicken and Team America” which infuriated Bill Zebub. First of all, those were two separate animation styles. One was stop-motion and the other was marionettes. DOLLA MORTE was neither of those.

Bill Zebub angrily warned that all such deception should be stopped immediately, which unfortunately ended the friendship. It is unknown how well or how poorly the movie sold in the five years that it was licensed.

This movie, like the others on the BD-R, is only of interest to the most devoted fans who are curious about the older works of Bill Zebub.

More BD-Rs of older movies will become available over time, but they will most likely be re-edited (for improvement). Movies like SPOOKED and RAP SUCKS would not be understood by the brainwashed. Well, almost no Bill Zebub movie is understood by the brainwashed, but movies like SPOOKED should not be given a wide release in the current climate. Plus, those movies were made as experiments, so there shouldn’t be 20,000 of them in the world. Only the people who enjoy such material should be given a chance to watch it. Average people should remain oblivious to the very existence of such works.

That is not to say that all future BD-Rs are offensive (to average people) movies. Some are just older titles that would only appeal to real fans of Bill Zebub. They would not be entertaining to average movie viewers. Let only those who have a taste for such things be able to purchase them.

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