Fanzine Editor

Fanzine Editor is a comedy that is loosely based on The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds magazine. It was originally intended to be a sort of history of the magazine that started as a stapled-in-the-corner photocopied fanzine that ended up being the #1 death metal magazine that was full color, all-glossy and distributed worldwide, but Bill Zebub decided that many of those aspects would best be depicted in a memoir.

The story is more about the bad luck of Bill Zebub as a cursed person rather than a focus of the magazine. The reason for this is because his memoir tackles many of those things. A book is much more psychological than a movie, and a book offers a better way to depict the enjoyment of writing hand-written letters to other countries and waiting two weeks for a reply. People who were not part of the scene might consider this to be annoying – Email and chat is instantaneous – why would waiting two weeks for a reply be considered exciting?

Here is a sneak peek.



Bill Zebub – BILL ZEBUB



Ex Girlfriend #1 – ALINA PRAZSKA

The King of the B Movies