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Fanzine Editor is a comedy that is loosely based on The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds magazine. It was originally intended to be a sort of history of the magazine that started as a stapled-in-the-corner photocopied fanzine that ended up being the #1 death metal magazine that was full color, all-glossy and distributed worldwide, but Bill Zebub decided that many of those aspects would best be depicted in a memoir.

Filming is currently slow but it will ramp up after a crowdfunder. The movie might be released on Bluray instead of DVD, as either a double-feature or a 4-film pack on a dual-layer Bluray which could be 8 hours or so.

The story is more about the bad luck of Bill Zebub as a cursed person rather than a focus of the magazine. The reason for this is because the memoir tackles many of those things. A book is much more psychological than a movie, and a book offers a better way to depict the enjoyment of writing hand-written letters to other countries and waiting two weeks for a reply. People who were not part of the scene might consider this to be annoying – Email and chat is instantaneous – why would waiting two weeks for a reply be considered exciting?

Many of the events that Bill Zebub experienced would require a voice-over in a movie, but Bill Zebub does not want that in his comedy, at least not for this comedy.

It’s going to be a hard sell for many reasons, chief among them is the straying from a 3-act structure, and also because the movie is character-based, not plot-based. It’s as anti-commercial as a movie can be. No beats at all. Dialogue is about character – not about moving the plot forward. The duration of scene has nothing to do with structure of any sort. A true independent film. It is not even known how long it will be.

For these reasons, a crowdfunder will be created when it will be decided to wrap up the film, and another movie, or two, or three will be taked onto the Bluray to balance the jarring impact of a story that cares nothing for tradition.

Here is a sneak peek.



Bill Zebub – BILL ZEBUB



Ex Girlfriend #1 – ALINA PRAZSKA

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