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“EXPLOITATION” is a movie about bad directors and flaky scream queens.  You don’t have to know anything about movie-making in order to find this story entertaining, but you might gain some insights into the world of independent film.

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When Bill Zebub first spoofed the low-budget world in “ASSMONSTER” , he made the movie purely for fun, but when it was seen by movie-makers it spread quickly.  Bill Zebub mailed a DVD to the Fantasia Film Festival, just as a “hello” – not as a submission – but the movie resonated with the staff and it was officially selected.   One of the staff said, “Every line in that script was perfect.”

A few years later, Bill Zebub made another comedy about the making-of a movie, titled “Indie Director

Gina Lynn
Gina Lynn

Although these are works of fiction, the characters seem universal, and not only to the movie world.  That is because Bill Zebub likes to load the characters with realistic flaws, even if they seem far-fetched.

A film-maker who watches these movies may think that the characters are based on people he  knows, much like a hypochondriac may read a medical book and suspect that he is suffering an illness because the symptoms are the same.  Indeed, character traits are similar to symptoms…

Megan McNeil
Megan McNeil

Why make this movie?

ASSMONSTER was made for fun, and INDIE DIRECTOR was made as a writing exercise.  But EXPLOITATION will be made as a combination of the two motivating factors.  Bill Zebub wants to try new ideas in comedy, but he also wants it to be a project that is principally done for fun.  There is no target audience and there is no forethought about marketing.  It is a purely creative experience.

Jessica Ruffus
Jessica Ruffus

It’s like being a kid at play., letting imagination run wild.  but it is also a wealth of movie-making experience that shapes this game of pretend.

Jessica Albano
Jessica Albano

The creation of this movie is borne of fun, and hopefully this will translate into YOU having fun watching.

The FIRST critic:

“Bill Zebub is the Larry David of horror. Honest, real, really strange and a lovable weirdo. So ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ for blood, sex and nudity!” – Chris Gore,



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Dyanne Thorne – Dyanne Thorne

Kayla Browne – Kayla

Jessica Albano –  Melissa

Megan McNeill – Erin

Jessica Ruffus – Mary Snyder

Annette Misener – Rebecca

Mary Stenberg – Yelena

Erica Leigh Boseski -Erica

Mel Heflin – Jill

Gabriellia Lera – Karen

Diana Stritzel – Diana

Oleg Sokolov – Oleg

Michele Dalia – Shelly Jacobson

Kirill Kovalovsky – Joe Blow

Chelsea Daring – Laura

Holly Gurbisz – Barbara

Drew Rizzo – Paul

Kasey Mahoney – Mahoney

Jason Simon – Noah

Ricky Syers -Puppetmaster

The King of the B Movies