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“Indie Director” is a comedy about the independent movie world.  It stars Bill Zebub as the director who mixes absurdity with sleaze,. a hybrid that repels purists from each genre.  Yes, there is a genre called “s;eaze” which is not a derogatory name.  Some also call it “sexploitation” or “exploitation.”  

Mike O’Mahoney plays a friend who also makes indie movies, but unlike Bill zebub who finances movies with his own money and conducts business honorably, Mike O”Mahoney’s character , scams his way.  Bill’s character is interested in art while Mike’s character is interested in money and the perks of being considered a celebrity.

Angelina Leigh plays Bill’s girlfriend.  She is the voice of reason but she is often dismissed because she is no not in the industry.  

The film spoofs things that actually happen in this industry.  The characters are exaggerated versions of models, actresses, distributors, et cetera.  As outlandish as these fictional situations ae, the REAl behavior is even more ridiculous.  Budget problems, censorship, and pirating are nothing compared to the kind of people who create even bigger obstacles fro directors.


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