Bill Zebub news May 2024

Bill Zebub is considering the idea of making a documentary about his magazine “The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds.” You can purchase the “Best of” by clicking

There are four other documentaries also being considered, two per Bluray. One such Bluray shall contain “Never Make a Movie in Texas” which is a hilarious testimony on how stupid and lazy the people of the south are and how much they tormented the director. The same disc shall also contain “The Worse Director in History” in which Bill Zebub is ridiculed, with plenty of video evidence of his stupidity. This should balance things, but whatever side you are on, you will laugh.

Fanzine Editor is a movie that was shot right before covid hit, and it might be finished in a version that is different from the script When it was shot, Bill Zebub was awarded many privileges, like filming in music venues, but these closed and then were sold to new owners who don’t feel the same way toward the legend. The movie will probably be re-titled to “Metal is not a Bad Word” and will shift focus away from publishing and instead tell the story of a has-been in his final days. You can read the memoir of the fanzine days by clicking

You can also purchase back issues of the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds as well as other rarities on Bill Zebub’s ebay page –

Bill Zebub will possibly re-edit JESUS, THE DAUGHER OF GOD for a special edition Bluray. There will be a kickstarter for it, so if you want to be notified, email

The next NEW movie on the slate is JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE, which should have a Kickstarter for it as well.