JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE to be released in 2024

Despite the seemingly vulgar name being “Jesus was an Asshole.” the movie will be widely distributed in 2024.

Some christians are unable to imagine that other people might have tastes in entertainment that differ from their own, and rather than live and let live, they try to impose their superstitious and ant-intellectual standards on others. Indeed, they gathered together and intimidated merchants into removing some of Bill Zebub’s movies in the past, but after Oderus Urungus participated in JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG, no further efforts by zealots worked.

Religious bullies still cause torment, especially to creative people. This is what inspired the script for JESUS WAS AN ASSHOLE.

Let it be clear that this movie is not meant to snap religious idiots out of their silly beliefs and superstitions. No. That’s like making a movie about the fictional character “Jesus” that is meant for you to abandon critical reasoning and simply accept a ridiculous story as true. No. Let the fools be foolish. You would not want them to change sides.

Rather; the movie is meant to entertain the fuck out of people who are receptive to this kind of humor.

Bill Zebub Productions is devoted to creating art that bigger studios never will.

There will be a Kickstarter for this movie in the coming months. If you would like to be notified of the launch, Email