A Devil’s Wind


A DEVIL’s WIND is currently in production.  It will be released on DVD and video-on-demand a few months from now, and perhaps on Bluray and 4K discs later on.

   Casting choices will be announced after each role has been filmed.  Kayla Browne, from Tennessee, is playing the part of Kayla.  Indeed, there have been submissions from other states as well as other countries!

   A meet-the-cast video will be posted as soon as the final shooting day passes.


   It is difficult to categorize this movie.  It has been assigned to “comedy” but that is only because “horror” may be misleading.  Actually, “comedy” doesn’t quite fit either.

   Bill Zebub wanted to write a movie that was like an ancient Greek play.  He loves reading the works of Euripides.   It seems that these plays were focused on the words.  Low budget directors should embrace that idea.  They can deliver words instead of visual or auditory facets.

   Bill explains: “I was not going to work on a project like this until I had a couple of 3-Act movies finished.  My previous two movies were made purely for the creative exercise.  The business side of producing movies required me to make something more easily understood and less jarring, but this project fit perfectly into the merciless conditions of February filming.  The film will not only be finished in a month, but completely edited as well.”

   It is difficult to categorize this movie, and even harder to write a synopsis.  The story is rife with symbols and is weaved intricately, but it is a movie of words, ultimately.  In a sense, this is the most rebellious movie that Bill Zebub has ever created – a thing that is against all of the sensibilities of commercial movie-making.  

Kayla Browne
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