A Devil’s Wind

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A DEVIL’s WIND shall be released on October 17, 2017.  AS soon as pre-orders become available links shall be provided.

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A Devil's Wind
A Devil’s Wind

   It is difficult to categorize this movie.  It has been assigned to “comedy” but that is only because “horror” may be misleading.  Actually, “comedy” doesn’t quite fit either.

   Bill Zebub wanted to write a movie that was like an ancient Greek play.  He loves reading the works of Euripides.   These plays were focused on the words, although not as much as the “dialogues” of Plato.  

   It is difficult to categorize this movie, and even harder to write a synopsis.  The story is rife with symbols and is weaved intricately, but it is a movie of words, ultimately.  In a sense, this is the most rebellious movie that Bill Zebub has ever created – a thing that is against all of the sensibilities of commercial movie-making.  

  “A Devil’s Wind” is 90-minutes long, but it is still not a 3-act structure.  The version that is almost 3 hours is “Dicknado” which will not be sold in stores because it is only something that a die-hard fan will enjoy,  You can only obtain one from the director (bill@billzebub.com) and at horror conventions.  but these are selling for $20 due to their rarity.  Supporters who participated in the Underwood received theirs for $15 (that was actually the crowdfunding deal – instead of asking for donations, the funding was a sort of pre-sale of the limited edition).




MEL HEFLIN -Gloria Stalin


Kayla Browne
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