Dicknado is a movie that sounds vulgar but it is actually a creative apocalyptic tale.

DICKNADO is more than two and a half hours long.  A DEVIL’S WIND is 90 minutes long

The two movies are the same story, but DICKNADO is for the die-hard fan.  It is a dialogue-driven movie.  Commercial scripts dumb-down dialogue for a wider audience and there is usually  tendency to have the dialogue move the plot forward. bu Bill Zebub made a movie in which the dialogue was more like that in an ancient Greek play.  

Story and plot are not the same thing.  In DICKNADO, the dialogue is about character, not about plot, or it is an argument, philosophical in nature.  

This is an anti-commercial movie, so most viewers will hate it.  It was made as an experiment.  

There was a crowdfunding campaign for it, and contributors received rare art in their versions.  Three of the actresses have their exclusive art version as well.  

You can obtain a DICKNADO at a horror convention, or through the director himself.  This version will not be sold in stores.  There is no bar code on the packaging (it won’t scan at a register).  But yes the printing is real and the DVD was factory-made.

The director is selling this limited version of the movie for $20.  You can Email him at bill at billzebub dot com



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