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Dickshark 2-disc Edition on Bluray

You can purchase the special 2-disc version of Dickshark from many merchants. Amazon sells it here https://www.amazon.com/Dickshark-Collectors-Limited-Misty-Mundae/dp/B0C81X5TCC

You get to see the movie in its most vivid form. One disc has the new 2-hour re-edit and behind-the-scenes footage. The other one has the 7-hour version. Are you afraid?

Indulge your curiosity.

In other news, instagram was gay and deleted Bill Zebub’s account. His new account is below, which will probably get deleted soon because America is a country of imbeciles.



Absurd Horror Bluray

Bill Zebub’s re-edit of HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL and NIGHTMARE ON ELMO’S STREET comes out this Tuesday.

You can order here (click).

Both movies star Erin Brown, also known as Misty Mundae.

Erin Brown

This is more than HD versions – both movies have been completely re-edited.

Lydia Lael

Both movies also star Lydia Lael, one of the favorite actresses in Bill Zebub movies. She started her path in Antfarm Dickhole and has won over many.

Rachel Crow

Rachel Crow also stars in both. You might recognize her from the cover of Dickshark.

Vanna Blondelle

Vanna Blondelle is also an actress who stars in both. She also appears in 50 Shades of Scarlett (which will have new treatment in the upcoming Serial Killer 4-pack).

Rachel Crow

In case you are wondering about the swastika – that movie only targets nazis for humor. There is no depiction of concentration camps. The only atrocities parodies are the ones inflicted on the SS. The movie is about Germans who board a plane to hide from the world until things cool down, but the plane crashes onto an island of savages. The name HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL combines nazisploitation with the cannibal genre.

Scarlett Storm

Scarlett Storm stars in the puppet movie. Her first movie was Jesus, the Daughter of god. By the time she acted in the puppet movie, she had pushed her own boundaries, but it should be noted that no matter how sexual an image may look, it was always the creativity that attracted the eager participation.

Dangrrr Doll