50 Shades of Scarlett

50 Shades of Scarlett


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A beautiful woman who is confined to a wheelchair places her house for sale, but a man who lets himself in has no intention of purchasing her property.  He takes advantage of her handicap. and his insatiable depraved lust extends to the female friends of the crippled woman.

50 Shades of Scarlett
50 Shades of Scarlett


Is there a lesson?  Perhaps.  “It is better to be rude and alive than polite and dead.”  But that is not the intention of the movie.  Rather, it is to provide an experience. 

Some viewers enjoy watching slasher films for the feelings that are evoked.  The category of film is by no means high cinema.  50 SHADES OF SCARLETT is a window into the demented behavior of a sexual predator.  Horror fans might consider some of the scenes to be funny – the director DID inject dark humor into the story.  

This is a fictional depiction of a loathsome person.  The acts are not glorified. No.  The footage is meant to induce cringing and repulsion.  Consider it to be like cinnamon gum – it hurts, but it is still enjoyed.

Bill Zebub stylized this story a bit more than usual for the erotic horror so that the movie is not purely visceral.  It’s the most narrative form of the erotic horror.  And to help soothe the aching that will follow the viewing, the HD version of JESUS, THE DAUGHTER OF GOD is provided to end the session with laughter.

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