Zombiechrist might get a re-edit

Dedicated fans have funded a Kickstarter for the re-edit of RAPE IS A CIRCLE. Some other out-of-circulation movies might get a similar treatment, but only if fans prove that they want to see new cuts.

One such movie is Zombiechrist. When it came out, some merchants were terrified of offending their customers. This preceded JESUS, THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG, which broke new ground and is still a hot seller. Actually, that movie is overdue for a new cut as well, but only if fans decide.

Zombiechrist had many challenges. The lead actor quit the night before filming because he did not want to kiss a female lead. He was gay. Why he didn’t say this during the audition is still a mystery, but that wasn’t the only problem. When retail outlets were unwilling to carry a blasphemous title, Bill Zebub decided to shelve the movie. Some years later, it appeared as a bonus movie without being advertised. It was a difficult movie to shoot, and any mention of it made Bill Zebub wince.

Over the years, fans have asked for a remake. They remembered reading interviews in which Bill Zebub expressed a desire to re-film the movie when the superstition of retailers would be overcome, perhaps if he had demonstrated that his fanbase was worth appeasing (instead of catering to easily-offended imbeciles).

The movie will not be remade, but there might be a re-edit. Ruby LaRocca had a role shortly before her tragic event. It is nice to see her swim and to run. Amid all the misery of filming that movie, there really were some scenes worth revisiting.

It’s not clear which older movie is up for re-editing again, but Zombiechrist is certainly in the list. The new cut would include never-before-scene footage, as will be the case with other re-edited titles.

You can vote. Email bill@billzebub.com with your opinion,

Some titles on the list are:


Disgruntled Employee

Kill the Scream Queen

Ravage the Scream Queen

Forgive Me for Raping You

Jesus, the Total Douchebag

Antfarm Dickhole

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street (with replacement footage)

Holocaust Cannibal


Breaking Her Will

Ruby LaRocca