Breaking Her Will might get a re-edit

Bill Zebub asked fans which movie they would most like to see as a re-edit. Breaking Her Will came out ahead in that poll. This will likely get a kickstarter in a month or so. If you want to be notified, Email

This is a sister movie to Rape is a Circle in a way. Both movies were emotional horror stories. In Breaking Her Will, Bill Zebub wanted to test if viewers would be sympathetic to a victim without knowing her back story. The director watched several horror movies in which the first hour was spent in mundane scenes, presumably to acquaint viewers with the characters so that there would be emotional reactions when the slaughter took place. Bill Zebub believes that humans are social creatures who would pity any suffering person or animal. No backstory is required.

The movie was a success. It was taken out of circulation because a remake was planned, but that project fell through. This was before the days of crowdfunding, so a remake might be considered again. Until then, a re-edit might become available if the kickstarter succeeds.

Another title that might be re-edited is Jesus, the Total Douchebag.

Don’t be alarmed by all the re-edits in consideration. Bill Zebub is working on eight new scripts. The reason for the re-edits is that tons of new fans keep asking about the older titles.