Some Bill Zebub News

Bill Zebub was at a horror convention in Kentucky. He met a lot of people who had never heard of him but who were eager to take a chance on his movies. He also met long-time fans who had never seen him in person. DICKSHARK was the best-seller of the weekend, although the person who ran the convention asked that the shirt NOT be sold. Despite telling her that the movie is sold at, the organizer still made the stupid decision to remove the shirt. This is what happens when people act on “tribal knowledge” rather than reality. Parents did not freak out when their kids approached the table. Most of them said things like, “You will love this when you are ten years older” and similar things, which showed that horror fans make great parents. The other unpleasant factor was that the night life was in a venue that was open to the public. This always ruins the community feeling. It has never worked at any convention that comingles normies with indie movie fans. Despite those two negative things, the horror fans made the trip more than worth it.


Bill Zebub is hard at work developing several scripts. He is also going to laiunch a Kickstarter for the ultimate DICKSHARK Bluray in a week or two.

There were several anthologies planned, but fans have requested that certain movies be presented in their own Bluray. RAPE IS A CIRCLE and BREAKING HER WILL were going to be re-edited for a two-pack, but they will be separate titles, each with their own generous portion of behind-the-scenes. The METAL COMEDIES will be presented as one big anthology, with maybe five movies on one Bluray. Rather than cite all possible re-edits (for Bluray), suffice it to say that many are being considered. Kickstarter campaigns will decide what lives and what dies.

You can Email with your opinions. Do not be afraid to be honest.

As a last bit of news, Bill Zebub is angry about the level of religious oppression, specifically in Shitland (his word for Texas). This is why he is developing a script tentatively titled “Jesus was an Asshole.” The tagline might be “Just kidding. Jesus never existed.”