Bill Zebub Movie Sale

30 Bill Zebub Movies

There will not be a Black Friday sale this year, but there IS a sale that expires on 10/18.

You can get 30 Bill Zebub movies, all autographed or sealed in mint condition, for $200. That is $6.66 a movie! If you are in America, shipping is free.

You can opt for the smaller box, 10 movies for $80.

If there will be a Kickstarter for the re-edit of DICKSHARK, the same boxed sets will be available, but for a higher price.

THE PICTURE IS JUST A SAMPLE. It’s not what you will get. You will get Blurays as well, most of which retail for $20.

How do you get this? If you have Paypal, then FIRST Email to see if there are any sets left – he will then give you a different Email address for the purchase.