Don't Drink the Milk

Limited Edition BD-R of “Depraved”

Bill Zebub is making a special offer to obtain a BD-R of “Don’t Drink the Milk” as well as the alternate edit “Depraved” which also contains bloopers.

Each burned disc is hand-numbered and autographed by Bill Zebub.  This contains no packaging.  It is just the disc.

The DVD of DON’T DRINK THE MILK will be released in four months.  DEPRAVED will be on video-on-demand at an unknown date.

This is your chance to see both versions in HD quality, RIGHT NOW.  It is limited so that only the ultra-fan will own one.  The number of discs available is probably going to be 50, which in no way will saturate the market, but it will be savored by a die-hard seeker.

The movie(s) combine horror with erotic thriller.  The intention was to make something creepy.  Viewers are required to be more active in something like this.

Bill Zebub decided not to make the movie suspenseful, that is, if suspense is defined by a viewer knowing information that the character in the movie does not know.  That would make the depraved behavior seem cool, in a way.  The intention is to make the footage seem creepy and deranged.

If you want a movie to be a sort of puzzle, then you might enjoy this.

To get one, it’s $25 in the USA and $30 elsewhere.  Email if there are any left, and you will be advised how to proceed.

Don't Drink the Milk
Don’t Drink the Milk