Sabrina Michaels

The Die-Hard fans of Bill Zebub WANT “Clowna Nostra”

The most dedicated fans of Bill Zebub’s movies are proof that actions speak louder than words.  Some people say that they are fans, but the die-hards do more than just talk.

It’s no surprise that fans of any artist behave this way.  What makes the crowdfunder for CLOWNA NOSTRA so special is that Bill Zebub simply stated that he was making the most offensive movie that he had yet written, and fans supported it far more than they did his previous crowdfunding campaigns.  Of course, there can be confounding factors, like Bill Zebub getting more accepted and understood, and more famous, but judging from the testimonials of fans, they want to see what new ideas will be explored.  They trust that his intentions are artistic, not malicious or infantile.

It is unwise to shock just for the sake of shocking.  It doesn’t sell movies, despite what you think.  Well, it could be unwise to make a movie that is described as “offensive” in this era when immature people are rewarded for crying about being outraged, and during a period when merchants are frightened about stocking controversial material.  But BILL ZEBUB does NOT make movies to offend people.  He makes movies to entertain people who like content that may be deemed offensive by people who do not resonate with the humor.    Some people don’t understand that their tastes are not universal.  There is actually a diversity of personalities.

Contributors have made more things possible for this particular movie, which was initially on a shoe-string budget because Bill Zebub did not think that there would be much interest in this philosophical comedy.  Luckily, he was wrong.

Beyond all other positive effects of the successful crowdfunder, the support was a morale-booster. The often exiled and vilified director sees that as much as he suffers the hateful eye of many, there are enough kindred spirits who enjoy his work to make his sacrifices mean something.

Bill Zebub would like to praise Frank Kiko Montoya for being the most giving of them all during this campaign.

Sabrina Michaels
Sabrina Michaels