First Draft of “A Devil’s Wind” script is being revised.

Bill Zebub has been auditioning people for the filming of “A Devil’s Wind” which will be shot throughout February.

The first cast member to be identified is “Kayla Browne’ who will be playing a character coincidentally named “Kayla.”

The first draft of the script is being revised according to the cast.  This way, an actress who envisions her character as more subtle will suggest that some bits of dialogue be removed because she prefers to let her acting carry the shot instead of words.  Another reason for  altering the script based on the cast is an actress with an accent might not say things the way that was originally written.  Bill Zebub does not want to “American-ize” anyone who speaks with an accent.  That goes for British actors as well, ha ha.

Be warned that this is a dialogue-heavy movie.  It is more like an ancient Greek play than a 3-act narrative.  The words are the most important part of this film.