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Bill Zebub Announces 2017 Filming Schedule

Bill Zebub announced the filming schedule for 2017.  This is subject to change.

Currently, Bill Zebub is filming “A DEVIL’S WIND” which is the most dialogue-heavy project that he has ever undertaken.  It is a departure from the 3-act structure of screenwriting and is more like an Ancient Greek play in that the words are the focus.

THE EARLY SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB is currently being edited.  The DVD will not be sold in stores or online.  This is for diehard fans.  Strangers would see the early skits, many of which were shot on VHS, as substandard.  The material is not for newcomers.  There was a crowdfunding campaign for it in January.  The participants will receive special art and will get their DVD’s sooner than anyone else on the planet.  The remaining units will probably be available at horror conventions.  Perhaps registered users of this site will be notified of other options.

VIXEN OF VIRTUE is Bill Zebub’s version of a superhero movie.  Perhaps it is better to refer to it as a super-heroine flick.  Angelina Leigh, who starred in INDIE DIRECTOR and DO UNTO OTHERS, might play the role of Telekinetica.  Due to the highly stylized footage, this might take a few months to complete,

CLOWNA NOSTRA is a comedy in which the mob is an element, but it’s not a spoof of the mafia.  The script is rife with symbolism, but it is not for the director to tell you how to interpret such.  There is a good chance that John Giancasporo will participate.  Yes, that means that this will be highly offensive.

BLACK METAL: THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY will live up to its name.  it will be presented in Bill Zebub’s usual style of letting the artist tell the story without the interference of a narrator, but it will likely contain the humor for which Bill Zebub has been loved or hated.   This is not a clique flick.  Artists from other genres get to criticize what Bill Zebub considers to be the “Pro Wrestling” of metal.  If you believe gimmicks, perhaps you would be more comfortable watching the fake documentaries about this subject.  

TRAPPED N A STUPID AMERICAN MOVIE is sort of like Dante’s “Inferno” but instead of journeying through circles of Hell, the hero passes through various genres that have the stupid-American traits.  The hero’s presence reverts circumstances to the intelligent European status.  In many respects, America is a free country, including the freedom from ever having to read a book, and freedom from having to think when you watch a movie.  But the focus of this comedy is to entertain the special people who love this humor.  It’s not meant to offend the stupid.  Big words will be used in the packaging to discourage such people from purchasing.

FRANKENSTEIN’S SORROW is Bill Zebub’s art house interpretation of the Mary Shelley novel.  The monster was not a retarded zombie sewn together from corpses that was animated by a lightning strike.  That’s Hollywood bastardization.  Even the movie with Robert DeNiro destroyed the work.  It should have been called “Mary Shelley did NOT Write this Frankenstein.”  Bill Zebub wanted to film this as a narrative, but it is too psychological and dialogue-heavy to be presented the traditional way.  Bill Zebub will attempt this in a strange style, and if it works, perhaps it can be re-visited with a proper budget.

ANGELINA’S TORMENT is the tentative title of a movie that will star Angelina Leigh.  Her character is being written specifically for her.  On the surface it is a home-invasion story, but one that is written with Angelina’s boundary-pushing capabilities.

More projects might be added to this list, and Frankenstein’s Sorrow might continue into the next year because of the requirements.