Antfarm Dickhole and Assmonster

Antfarm Dickhole and Assmonster might get re-edited for a Bluray. Both movies have been out of print for a while, and fans have begged for a re-release. If you search for them you will see that they fetch quite a hefty price. As such, Bill Zebub does not want to devalue the discs that devoted fans have collected. Whenever he raises a movie from the dead, it is in a new form.

Speaking of collectors, if you are a true fan, then you may want to get the limited, hand-numbered art edition, signed by the extremely sexy Bill Zebub. This is only for a short time, however. Make excuses, or make something happen. That is the motto in the land of Bill Zebub.

Only 50 movies with this cover were made. Photo of actor Mike Nastri.

Antfarm Dickhole was filmed purely for fun. Bill Zebub did not think that any shop would carry a title named that. The enormous success of this ri-dick-ulous move paved the way for Dickshark, which actually can be purchased on !!! In the history of Bill Zebub movies, whenever he makes something purely for the creative exercise, the movie gets farther than imagined.

Gina Lynn and Freddie Dingo in ASSMONSTER

Assmonster was similarly a movie that Bill Zebub made as a way to turn negative experiences into something positive. He noticed that comedy is sometimes a depiction of a character’s suffering. We laugh at a person’s misery. Coincidentally, Bill Zebub enrolled in an “Evolutionary Psychology” course. Although he considered it to be equivalent to an astrology course (it’s bullshit – post hoc explanations are for kids, not scientists), there was a chapter about laughter, and it was proposed that laughter started as a way for pre-verbal man to indicate that there is no danger. For example, if one fell but did not get hurt, then fellow primitives would laugh, but if onebroke a bone, there would be no laughter and primitives would assist. Actually, if Bill Zebub hurt himself, primitives would probably laugh.

This movie ridiculed the world of indie movie making, and it was one of the first to receive critical acclaim. Chris Gore from G4TV and Film Threat made sure that it headlined the Hollywood Horror Film Festival, and Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal also played it, to name just a couple.