Absurd Horror Blura

Bill Zebub’s “Aburd Horror” is coming out in a couple of weeks but you can pre-order on amazon (click here).

This Bluray is a double feature. It contains RE-EDITS of Holocaust Cannibal and Nightmare on Elmo’s Street.

Bill Zebub prefers these re-edits. The DVD versions have the first cut versions, but these might go out of print and then get replaced by the re-edits, so you might want to get those as well. However, if you have not seen either movie, it is recommended that you see this Bluray first.

Holocaust Cannibal with Erin Brown

Holocaust Cannibal was the first Bill Zebub movie in which Erin Brown (also known as Misty Mundae) appeared. She also starred in Nightmare on Elmo’s Street, but her most exploitational role was in Dickshark (DVD) or Frankenshark (Blruay)

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street starring Erin Brown

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ABSURD HORROR BLURAY – the re-edit of Holocaust Cannibal and Nightmare on Elmo’s Street