A Devil's Wind

A Devil’s Wind is now available

Bill Zebub’s ” A Devil’s Wind” is now available for purchase.  You can order it from various retailers, and it should start appearing on your favorite on-demand platforms.

This version is 90-minutes and has tested favorably in horror convention audiences.  This does not mean that it will be a mainstream success, but viewer reactions suggest that this movie might branch out farther than Bill Zebub’s more esoteric work.

If you want the dialogue-heavy version of this movie, it can only be ordered from bill@billzebub.com, or purchased from him at horror conventions.  This version is almost 3 hours long.  There are many reasons for this length.  Bill Zebub wanted to challenge the rule that movies are about showing rather than talking.  After all, there were scenes in Dickshark that were purely about showing, yet the same dull people who don’t have attention spans for dialogue do not fare better with scenes that have no dialogue.  These viewers need their hands held.  Bill Zebub does not make movies that walk you through difficult concepts.  You must find your own way.

A Devil's Wind
A Devil’s Wind