First Draft of “A Devil’s Wind” script is being revised.

Bill Zebub has been auditioning people for the filming of “A Devil’s Wind” which will be shot throughout February.

The first cast member to be identified is “Kayla Browne’ who will be playing a character coincidentally named “Kayla.”

The first draft of the script is being revised according to the cast.  This way, an actress who envisions her character as more subtle will suggest that some bits of dialogue be removed because she prefers to let her acting carry the shot instead of words.  Another reason for  altering the script based on the cast is an actress with an accent might not say things the way that was originally written.  Bill Zebub does not want to “American-ize” anyone who speaks with an accent.  That goes for British actors as well, ha ha.

Be warned that this is a dialogue-heavy movie.  It is more like an ancient Greek play than a 3-act narrative.  The words are the most important part of this film.

Dicknado is in Stage 2

Bill Zebub’s “Dicknado” has just entered the second stage of production.

Dicknado might seem vulgar, but that is not the intention.  Nor is it porn (Bill Zebub does not make porn).

The Dicknado appears to be a giant spinning penis descending from the clouds.    It is not a spoof of the “Sharknado” franchise.  This is its own story.  Bill Zebub specializes n absurdity.

The ida has been on hold because it is a difficult title to sell.  When Bill Zebub made ANTFARM DICKHOLE tt was only after he had a chat with his distributor and was assured that at least the independent stores would carry it.  Same thing with Dickshark.

But when Bill Zebub described the front cover of the movie showing a giant penis instead of a tornado, with the tagline “You don’t suck this dick – this dick sucks YOU.” the distributor expressed grave doubts about the sales.

Bill Zebub revels in the freedom that independent film affords him.  He cannot match the lush budgets of Hollywood movies, so he compensates by offering you subject matter that hollywood won’t touch.  Bill Zebub is only risking his own money, so he can fully explore his love of absurdity.

However, he does not want to bankrupt himself – that would disable his movie-making.  Bill Zebub will probably run a crowdfunding campaign for this movie.  Even if he doesn’t raise enough money to fund the movie, and even if shops won’t carry it, it is hoped that horror convention goers will support it.

This is a for-fun movie.  Bill Zebub had ventured into the ultra-weird the past two years and might have been too experimental for some viewers, so this is a chance to return to a comedy-based style that you will love, even if you hate it… if you know what i mean.

The Cast of Scienceless Fiction

This clip features a few cast members of SCIENCELESS FICTION, which is Bill Zebub’s ,most offensive movie, that is, if you have poor comprehension. 

Prior to the release of the movie, short clips of the cast were released in order to prepare die-hard fans for what they would see. The clips were taken down because Bill Zebub felt that the interviews might have told the viewer HOW to watch the movie.  This would nullify the experimental nature.  Viewers must make their own decisions.

After the release of the movie, Bill Zebub received numerous testimonials which had a common theme – this type of viewer (typically not a person who had seen anything by Bill Zebub prior to SCIENCELESS FICTION) was outraged at first, but that outrage transformed into respect after someone with greater comprehension explained some things.  

So it seems that a clip fo the cast preparing the would-be viewer is not a spoiler after all.  Well, no plot points are revealed, but it is a spoiler in the sense that it robs the viewer of the initial befuddlement.  The movie is meant to hoist the viewer out of a fag.

SLAPSTICK AT THE GYM skit posted for streaming

Bill Zebub posted an old skit for streaming.  It is titled “Slapstick at the Gym” and stars Jennyphre Ligiere and Jesse Davidson.  It was shot during the camcorder days at a gym that has since been shut down, so you get to see a bit of history.

The limited-edition “EARLY SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB” DVD might contain this short.  The DVD will be released in early 2017 but shall not be sold in stores.  There was a crowdfunding campaign for it, which entitles the contributors to seeing it first, a couple of months before the rest of the world.  After that, Bill Zebub might have some at horror conventions, or perhaps for sale via snail-mail.  

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