Grimoire Back Issues

Bill Zebub has found some copies of old issues of THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS MAGAZINE. One of them dates back to 1997.

You can search under Bill Zebub’s main ebay page (click)

or you can click on particular issues as follows:

ISSUE #6 – the first-ever newsprint version, with the IRNI cover




ISSUE #21 with the uncensored LUNA cover –





And don’t forget the T-Shirts are still available – Email

Satan's Last Supper
Satan’s Last Supper

Bill Zebub on Ebay

Bill Zebub has launched a page on ebay. You can see that page here click

You can also click per specific movie. More items will be added.



The DIRBAGS remake is on


The DIRTBAGS limited re-release is on


The original DIRTBAGS is on


These are in limited quantity, so if the items are missing your collection, here is your chance to get mint conditions and autographed DVDs.

Bill Zebub will add more items, as well as back issues of his magazine.

Antfarm Dickhole

Quantum Leap of Faith is now Streaming

The movie titled “Jesus, the Daughter of god” is now streaming as “Quantum Leap of Faith” CLICK HERE QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH

The DVD is out of print. There might be a re-edit of this movie for an upcoming Blu(e)ray called “THE GOSPEL OF SATAN” which would also include re-edits of JESUS, THE TOTAL DOCHEBAG, ZOMBIECHRIST, and JESUS CHRIST: SERIAL RAPIST, but for now, a sort of re-colorized version is available for streaming.

This was the first HD movie that Bill Zebub shot, and he was unfamiliar with many aspects of the new workflow, primarily the color-grading (the RAW footage looked dull and colorless, which is actually normal, but Bill Zebub did not know that, and he oversaturated much of the footage). Fans did not complain because they overlook such flaws as they enjoy the other aspects of Bill Zebub’s style, so be cautioned – do not watch this unless you are already a fan.

INDIE DIRECTOR is now streaming

Don’t get your boogers too dry. INDIE DIRECTOR is now streaming here (click).

This version has had some color touch-ups and will appear on the CAMPY HORROR Bluray in the summer, which also will contain the Director’s Cut of ANTFARM DICKHOLE as well as the Director’s Cut of ASSMONSTER. It will have a version of EXPLOITATION in which some of the color is not as saturated. Bill Zebub wanted a dreamy look in the original cut, with colors that were much more vibrant than in the real world. It’s still eye-pleasing, so so not be dismayed.

There is a 3+ Hour version of Exploitation that will be slightly re-edited for a future bonus, and there will also be a completely re-edited version eventually. These will be bonus movies, as will a re-edit of INDIE DIRECTOR. There are various reasons for offering new versions, but none of them are cash-grabs. These are for the ultra-fans. Bill Zebub loves hearing alternate versions of songs and he loves seeing alternate cuts of movies. This is the primary motivation – to make an ultra-fan happy the way that he becomes happy when he finds new versions.

Bill Zebub in FILM THREAT

Bill Zebub was interviewed in Film Threat. Click here to enjoy

You can also find the link at the very beginning of that interview to a crowdfunder for DICKLESS ZOMBIES. You will be able to get the limited art Blu(e)ray for the same price as the normal retail version. Other goodies await you as well – shirts, movie props, posters, and your mother.

Bill Zebub

EXPLOITATION is now streaming

Bill Zebub’s movie “Exploitation” is now streaming Enjoy the hell out of it.

The movie will appear on the CAMPY HORROR 4-PACK Blu(e)ray, along with a re-edit of ANTFARM DICKHOLE, a re-edit of ASSMONSTER, and the longer version of INDIE DIRECTOR (2 hour and 17 minutes).

The movie is currently available on DVD. The streaming version is HD.


Antfarm Dickhole gets re-edited

ANTFARM DICKHOLE is getting re-edited and upconverted to HD quality.

It will appear on a 4-pack Blu(e)ray tentatively titled “Campy Horror” – and a censored version will be available for streaming.

Bill Zebub does not like to double-dip his loyal fans, so he decided to re-edit Antfarm Dickhole and Assmonster rather than to merely upconvert previous versions. Another reason for the re-edit treatment is because he didn’t want to diminish the value of the out-of-print movies. Fans who eagerly buy movies in their first runs should be rewarded for their loyalty. (Search for some of Bill Zebub’s out of print movies and you will see that some sell for hundreds of dollars).

The King of the B Movies

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